Lalisa (Lisa) Manoban of K-Pop girl group BLACKPINK dropped another exciting dance performance video on Friday, July 10. This is the fourth dance performance Lisa has put out on her solo YouTube Channel “Lilifilm.”

Filmed by Anthony King and choreographed by Cheshir Ha, both of whom have worked with Lisa in the past, this dance performance captivated viewers from start to finish. The two-minute video begins with Lisa sitting on a forklift dressed in baggy pants, a sports bra and a bandana wrapped around her head. She starts by doing expressive chest pumps to the beat of “City Girls” by Chris Brown and Young Thug.

The scene shifts from the forklift to an open car shop as Lisa dances powerfully with her two backup dancers. Lisa mouths “You can’t get anybody to stop me,” before the scene shifts to a different part of the shop where she dances smoothly, this time with her choreographer.

Lisa then moves on to the most open part of the lot, dancing with both her choreographer and backup dancers. Accompanied by killer facial expressions, a highlight move is when Lisa keeps her hands in her pockets as shuffles her feet. The video ends with her posing straight in front of the camera and oozing charisma after delivering a great performance.

While past releases seemed to focus more so on her technique and sharp movements, the vibe from this performance was more relaxed. Lisa still delivered with these aspects, but she did so while having more fun and showing how easily she could make her dance moves flow.

At the drop of the video, fans immediately went crazy. A hashtag celebrating her new video shot up quickly in Worldwide and United States Twitter trends as well as on Youtube trends. In fact, as of Sunday, the video was still trending Worldwide on YouTube and here in the United States, gaining over 5.3 million views in its first 24 hours and breaking her previous dance performance record.

Lisa seems to have the ability to draw buzz with each new release. This time, like times in the past, the original artist of the song she danced to praised her performance and with her last dance performance in April, she sparked a viral “did it work” meme trend.

People that were on set with Lisa only had good things to say about her. Anthony King wrote on Instagram, “I knew Lisa was nice at dancing, but for this one… the level up is wiiild. I’m so impressed by your growth and determination.”

Cheshir Ha also wrote on Instagram, “She is the first artist I worked with where I felt I could truly be myself as a choreographer and a human being.”

Arthur Zozimo, lighting assistant for the video and first time worker with Lisa, also praised her. “As always amused by her dance skills and her kind personality,” Zozimo wrote in an Instagram post.

On top of the release of her dance performance, Lisa is just coming out of a dance mentor gig for a show in China, while in late June, BLACKPINK dropped their first single “How You Like That” from their upcoming full album in Sep.

Be ready for more from Lisa and BLACKPINK in the coming months. The world can’t wait to see what comes next.