OPINION-After debuting at no.1 and spending 15 weeks on the Billboard 200 chart, Ariana Grande’s “Positions” album got revamped in the best way. On Feb. 19 Grande released a deluxe version of the hit album featuring four never-released tracks. 

The first new track on the album is an interlude coined “Someone Like You.” With it being just over a minute long, you can really appreciate her vocal range. Along with harmonizing with herself, Grande drops in some ad-libs that add to the buildup of the song before a bass beat kicks in. Once that kicks in and you’re just starting to bop your head to the song, it ends with an outro of impressive “you’s.” The song is sweet and short, but that’s what interludes are supposed to be. I would rate it 6/10, knowing that if I hear this live one day Ariana will most likely add even more impressive vocal runs. 

The next song on the deluxe album is “Test Drive.” After her signature intro, Grande starts off the fast-paced song with many on-theme lyrics about driving. The chorus picks up the tempo even more, and is so upbeat you can’t help but dance. The chorus could even be a new TikTok viral moment. One downfall is its abrupt ending. The song only lasts two minutes, leaving room for what I think should be another verse or at least a longer outro. That being said, I would rate this song an 8.5/10. But in the famous words of Grande herself, “Listen to it Twice” if you want to truly appreciate the song despite its length. 

Right after “Test Drive” is another two-minute long track titled “Worst Behavior.” Out of the four tracks, this is my favorite lyrically. The song has a good mix of powerful vocals and catchy undertones that is perfect for a car ride with your windows down. Grande has seemed to perfect the bridge between singing and speak-singing. This song does it in a way that adds to the song rather than having it appear forced. 

The closing song on the album is “Main Thing,” and is the most impressive song vocal-wise, in my opinion. She effortlessly transitions from her lower register to belting high notes without missing a beat. Again, its short length keeps the listener wanting more. I would rate it 7/10. 

I personally am a fan of all four new tracks, but the top two I can’t get out of my head are “Test Drive” and “Worst Behavior.” I even like them more than some of the tracks from the original album. 

Rumors are circulating about which new track Grande will promote as a single after the success of the previous and most recent “34+35 (Remix)” single. Right now the rumors are leaning toward “Test Drive.” 

The promotions could include a music video, new merchandise drop and an interview or two so be on the lookout in the coming weeks. And now that all the tracks from Positions have been released, Grande could look into having a virtual concert of some sort.