After several pre-release singles and a label change, Madison Beer’s new album “Life Support” was released on Feb. 26. Though classified as pop, the 17 track album has a range of different genres that make it welcoming for any listener. 

The album starts off with an intro that I can only equate to Ariel’s voice in “The Little Mermaid.” 

Next up is “Good in Goodbye.” The pop/R&B song is incredibly catchy. And after listening to the whole album multiple times, it’s still my favorite song on the album even though it was one of her earlier singles. 

After this song comes the first slow-tempo track “Default.” The lyrics are calming and her voice is soothing. 

Following “Default” is a pop-alternative track titled “Follow the White Rabbit.” Something about the track reminds me of a Melanie Martinez song, and I love it. 

The next tune seems to not fit with the vibe of the album up to this point. Coined “Effortlessly,” it’s a touching song that would have done better as a stand-alone single prior to this album’s promotion cycle. 

“Stay Numb and Carry On” comes in next and we’re back on track with the pop alternative feels. A perfect song for a feel-good rom-com movie, her vocals, particularly at the ending of the song, are superior. 

With Beer being only 21 and still a fresher face in the music scene, a remix of this song with Twenty One Pilots would only elevate this already amazing song to greater heights. In an article with NME, Beer said she hoped this album will prove once and for all that she’s a legitimate artist. In my opinion, she’s doing just that. EP’s are great, but only an album can show your true artistry. Throughout the album, I got the message of who Beer is as an artist; more so than I have with her past projects. 

There are a few more tracks I want to highlight. “Sour Times” is one of the few explicit songs on the album and with its message, it needs to be. You can truly feel her emotions in this song and it makes me want to instantly click the repeat button. 

“Boysh–t” is another one of my favorites. Its upbeat tempo with bass and guitar in the background of her vocals make the song that much more enjoyable. I honestly hope when concerts start back up again, she can attend Voodoo Music Fest in New Orleans and either open or close with this song. 

Lastly, “Emotional Bruises” is my favorite song on the back half of the album. It’s very relatable for the kind of relationship a 21-year-old would experience and you can understand how Beer is feeling. 

This album did exactly what Beer set it out to do. With that being said, I would rate it a 7.5/10 overall. 

Add to that the fact that Beer is credited as a songwriter on all 17 tracks; give her a few years and Beer could be the next “pop girl.”