Taylor Swift has been causing a stir in the world of pop from her time as a budding musician in 2006 to her most recent release in October. 

Love her or hate her, you cannot deny that she has had a massive impact on the mainstream music scene for over a decade now. From her simple beginnings as a country sensation, Taylor Swift has taken the world by storm and has shown everyone just what she is capable of. 

Swift’s most current album is the hot topic among social media, and for good reason. It is her first new album since the release of “Evermore” in 2020. Both “Fearless (Taylor’s Version)” and “Red (Taylor’s Version)” are new takes on old albums that are now under her control, so it is exciting to hear a completely novel sound. 

“Midnights” is what I would call a culmination of all of her albums put together, blending all of their sounds and vibes. I can admit that the changes in tone are sometimes jarring, but it generally blends together quite nicely. Despite many people singing the praises of her lyricism, I do believe that there are some misses mixed in with the hits. 

First, let’s talk about what I loved about this album. I adore the tracks “Karma” and “Bejeweled.” Both songs have a very addictive quality that makes me want to replay them over and over and simply dance along. Pop is where Swift really excels in my opinion, so it is great to hear such upbeat sounding songs that make you want to scream along.

Despite it being a slower song, “Snow on the Beach” is also a favorite of mine. It features Lana Del Rey, one of my favorite artists. Her and Swift’s vocals meld really well and make for a beautiful track.

Secondly, let’s go over what I don’t like. I hate to say it, but many of her lyrics are totally lost to me. Not to make a jab at her age, but some are incredibly cringy and just remind me of Buzzfeed or Tumblr in 2014. 

One prime example is the opener of the song “Vigilante Shit.” Of course you can still like these lyrics, they are absolutely not for me. Speaking of which, she also has a ton of swearing on this album and while I’m not against it, it is just excessive and a little embarrassing. 

Another thing I have to mention is her song “Antihero” and its music video. It has quickly become controversial for the portrayal of Swift looking down at a scale and reading the word “fat” in bold letters, with her older self shaking her head disapprovingly. I personally believe this was in poor taste. I understand that it is about her struggles with an eating disorder, but what about her younger fans?

It is a bad message to send to the kids who love her music, which could end up with them developing an eating disorder as well. After all, it hurts to see someone you look up to have her worst fear be looking like you. However, she thankfully removed this clip, and the message of this scene still comes across powerfully. 

See, the thing with Taylor Swift is that unfortunately, some of her fans defend her to an unrealistic extent. Many people reject any criticisms of her at all, claiming that any critique of her music or her as a person is misogyny. Obviously, this is not the case for every fan of hers. However, it is disappointing to see how so many people will attack others for their harmless opinions. 

On the other hand, Swift is a victim of misogynistic takes quite often too. Many hate her for writing about her love life so much, putting her off as a “whiny woman.” You can definitely dislike her and her music for other reasons, but nobody complains when a man writes songs airing his grievances about women, so why condemn her for doing the same?

This is why she has embraced this persona, letting herself be called “the problem” and taking her life into her own hands. Taylor Swift lets her insecurities be known, such as feeling like she is not the perfect age, weight, or height and this can greatly resonate with others struggling with the same issues. 

With that said, listen to “Midnights” and judge for yourself. It is not for everyone, but I believe it is a powerful look into Taylor Swift’s psyche, chock full of some pretty good pop songs too.