Season 21 of “The Voice” kicked off with a bang last Monday. The coaches for this season started the show by singing together and proving just how great they all are. In particular, Ariana Grande and Kelly Clarkson sounded amazing together giving their all for Aretha Franklin’s “R.E.S.P.E.C.T.” 

This leads me to my discussion for today. Ariana Grande is a coach on this season of “The Voice” and that is huge. She is arguably the biggest pop star at the moment and to have her on the show will be quite an experience. 

From the first episode, you could see how invested she is once she turns her chair around for an artist. She makes her case for why she would be a good coach each time and for those that do pick her, she shows how genuinely happy she is. And I just have to mention how iconic she is for having a personalized “thank u next” button. 

In the case of the group The Girl Named Tom, Ariana focused on how often she works with harmonies, which would be a huge asset for their group. Ultimately they picked Kelly Clarkson, but it’s just one example of the great qualities Ariana has as a coach with so much experience in the music world. 

Ariana is a great vocalist and is also gifted in writing and producing. She got her start on Broadway and has experience acting, meaning she could help the winner of this season explore those avenues if they wished. Her connection with top producers like Pharrell and Tommy Brown and songwriters like Tayla Parx and Victoria Monét is also another huge advantage. She has an ear for talent and will do anyone on her team justice. 

In fact, she’s already starting just that. Each member of Team Ariana receives a lunchbox that includes items to help soothe their voice. Ariana went through a period in her career where she wasn’t being a healthy singer, meaning her voice was getting damaged, even suffering a vocal cord hemorrhage, but she has since made improvements. She now knows that you have to treat your vocal cords like a well-maintained instrument. 

Besides caring for their vocal cords, Ariana is genuinely excited to work with these talented artists. She’s showing her love and support on the show as well as in real-time on social media. 

Beyond the support of Ariana, you better believe her presence will be known when it comes to voting. With her social following alone, it will be tough to beat her team when voting starts. 

A lot of criticism comes from “The Voice’’ because those that do win don’t really become superstars like their coach counterparts. I think Ariana could be the coach to change that. 

If someone from her team wins, I think they can really become someone big. I mean imagine someone from her team opening up for her on her next tour or just a simple post about their first single. That in itself will generate multiple articles or shares from her celebrity friends. 

I think Ariana has the passion and experience to dethrone Blake Shelton as one of the best coaches on “The Voice.” I think she already has a good pool of talented singers on her team that will go all the way to the finals. My pick for this season on “The Voice” is Team Ariana. 

Story: Madelyn Myer