The 2019-2020 NBA season came to its conclusion on March 11 after a player tested positive for COVID-19. Though the news was discouraging, it was in the best interest of the players, staff and fans.

Even with a shortened season, there were several games that stuck out. The first game that NBA fans applauded was the Brooklyn Nets vs Philadelphia 76’ers on Jan. 20.

The second point of the game came from a 76’ers dunk to set the pace early. Philadelphia kept their fast momentum the entire game, but even with the speed advantage, the Nets always had an answer, even taking the lead for the majority of the second and third quarters.

Even still, there were multiple lead changes throughout the game, but fans could see how well plays on both ends of the court were set up. There were multiple lobs and extra passes to hit three-pointers. The game ended with a 117-111 Philadelphia win.

For the 76’ers, Ben Simmons could not be stopped. He led all scorers with 34 points and added 12 rebounds and 12 assists for triple-double, as well as five steals and two blocks.

The next game that stood out this season was the Houston Rockets vs the Atlanta Hawks on Nov. 30. Highlighted by a phenomenal performance by James Harden, the Rockets showed no mercy in the end, winning the game 158-111.

Harden did not do it alone though, he handed out assists while also receiving them from Russell Westbrook and more. Even with the Hawks double-teaming Harden at some points in the game, he proceeded with his deep range three-pointers and ended the game with 60 points in 31 minutes.

Harden is the league player with the second most points scored in a single game. This wasn’t his only 60-point game and he averaged 34.4 points this season.

It’s a crime to mention some of the best games of the season without talking about the New Orleans Pelicans vs Los Angeles Lakers on March 1.

In a game that could have gone either way, the Lakers won 122-114, with Lebron James taking control of the floor. Former Pelican Anthony Davis did not play in this game.

Offensively, the Pelicans did well, but their defense lacked when the Lakers did fast breaks. The game was neck-and-neck all the way up to the last few minutes of the fourth quarter.

Zion Williamson made his debut in January and scored 35 points, leading both teams in scoring, even though the Pelicans lost. This game was a career-high for Williamson.

Lastly, like every season, the NBA All-Star game was played. This year, the game was played on Feb. 16 in Chicago. These games are more laid back defensively and mainly about making impressive offensive plays and scoring the most points.

Team Lebron won 157-155 against Team Giannis. Anthony Davis had the winning points for Team Lebron, while Kawhi Leonard was named MVP. The game also honored Kobe Bryant and with the win; Team Lebron donated $400,000 to Chicago Scholars.