The Louisiana Ragin’ Cajuns softball team has an impressive track record. From 2013 to now, they’ve always been one of the top-performing teams for Louisiana.

However, one team, in particular, takes the cake for the best softball team in UL Lafayette history. The 2019 softball team was one of the most successful in history, and the statistics back it up.

The team went with an overall record of 52-6 and an almost flawless conference record of 25-1. Six losses total for a season and only one in conference play is not something you see often.

In their game against Incarnate Word, the Ragin’ Cajuns succeeded in stealing a record of eight bases. They won the game 11-0. They slaughtered their competition, scoring 21 runs versus zero against A&M Corpus Christi. In comparison, in 2020, the team stole four bases as the most in a single game and 19 runs.

On the pitching end of the field, Summer Ellyson struck out 10 of Ole Miss’ players, which limited them to scoring no runs.

The team meshed together well on all fronts from pitching and catching to outfielding, infielding and hitting. Spearheaded by a strong senior presence and Head Coach Gerry Glasco, they were not lacking in any aspect.

A huge contributor to the success of the softball team was the four powerhouse seniors. Keeli Milligan, Alison Deville, Lexie Comeaux and Kara Gremillion were all praised by Glasco during their senior campaign, not only for team play but also their leadership.

Milligan only played for Louisiana for one year after transferring from Texas A&M, but Glasco still commented on her impact.

“She’s been critical, and she’s such a great kid, she’s a great student-athlete and she’s kind of a freak in the weight room. She was a great leadership tool for our strength coach. And her speed has really helped us a lot,” Glasco said.

Another leader on the field was Deville.

“Alison Deville is a phenomenal example of a kid who keeps working and has gotten so much better. Now she’s all of a sudden become a very critical piece of our bullpen, and we’ve been using her to close,” Glasco said.

Glasco also said Comeaux was another great leader like Deville, but even more vocal to her team.

“I think of someone who’s willing to do any single thing for our program. She’s willing to sit out a game if that’s what’s needed, she’ll just play any position I ask her to. She wants to win, she wants her team to win and she’s a kid that’s totally selfless,” Glasco said.

Glasco added that Gremillion was an all-around player, from stealing bases to offense and defense.

“She is a very quiet, silent leader, but a great example of someone who practices as hard as they can practice, every single day her practice is as hard or harder than the game, and she just plays the game the right way, always looking for the extra base,” Glasco said.

There may be a season in the future that outshines the 2019 season, but for now, the accomplishments from this record-breaking season are untouchable.