Attending football games is one of the best parts of the college experience. You get to tailgate, meet some new friends and enjoy the nation’s most popular sport. 

But if you’re not careful, an experience that is supposed to be fun, can turn into an annoyance super fast. 

The first thing to consider is how you want to get to the game. The university offers a shuttle service to Cajun Field that you can take. This way you won’t have to worry about parking. But if you know you won’t be partying too hard, you can drive and park at the Hilton by the Cajundome. 

Now another thing to keep in mind is bag size requirements. No purses over a certain size, backpacks, mesh bags or fanny packs are allowed. You should only bring a small purse, clutch or clear plastic bag that does not exceed 12” by 6” by 12”. 

If you bring a bag that’s too big they won’t let you enter, and you’ll have to walk all the way back to your car or even the shuttle. Another prohibited item is an umbrella, so if it looks like a rainy day, a poncho is your best option. 

To save yourself from the heat, you should do three things. First, apply sunscreen (and I mean really apply it) right before you leave so it can last the whole game. Next, pack some water. Whether you’re tailgating or not, drink some before you enter the stadium. Lastly, to block the sun from your face, invest in a pair of good shades or a nice cap. 

Once you’re inside the stadium, the best seat is along the 50 yard line. You’re right in the middle of the field and can see both end zones as clear as day. You’ll also still be in the student section, which is perfect for keeping your energy hype all game. 

The 50 yard line seat is also great for pictures because who doesn’t like to take pictures at football games. If you’re someone who likes to get cute and dressed up for a game, take your pictures as soon as you sit down. This way you don’t end up having a shiny forehead, because yes, you will sweat very early on in the game. That’s why another tip I have is to have minimal makeup or at least use a good primer or setting spray. 

Another piece of advice is, if you can, avoid the concessions. It’s super expensive and the food isn’t good for you. If you’re just getting water or another drink though, I support it, because you want to make sure you stay hydrated in that heat. 

Lastly, have a good time. Go to as many games as you can while you’re in college. Football isn’t even my favorite sport, but I always enjoy myself because of the atmosphere the game has. If after your first game, you realize you didn’t have that much fun, then maybe wait for basketball or baseball season.