For the first time in history, Wrestlemania was a two-night spectacular. Commonly referred to as the Superbowl of professional wrestling, Wrestlemania 36 made drastic changes due to COVID-19.

Even with empty arenas, the WWE did not disappoint. There were a plethora of matches that were filled with jaw dropping moments, proving that, even without crowds, WWE could provide entertainment.

The female matchup between Becky Lynch and Shayna Baszler for the Raw Women’s Championship took the cake for women’s matches. It was a brutal war that included a throw from the top rope, banging into the announce table and body slams off the side of the ring apron. Lynch secured the win to retain her title.

A singles match between two of the best wrestlers in the company, Seth Rollins and Kevin Owens, left fans in awe. The match was fast-paced from start to finish, even having several dives outside of the ring. At one point, Rollins started using objects outside of the ring like the metal stairs and ring bell to damage Owens.

Owens, later on, climbed on top of the Wrestlemania sign and jumped off the top of it. He landed on Rollins, who was set up perfectly on the announce table for it to break. In the end, Owens was willing to do anything to get the victory.

The legendary boneyard match between the Undertaker and AJ Styles was one for the books as well. It took place in an off-the-lot graveyard in order for the winner to bury their opponent in a grave. Though the Undertaker was attacked by other wrestlers and hit with shovels and tombstones, he still prevailed and buried Styles alive.

For fans that still weren’t satisfied with the content from night one, night two continued to provide spectacles.

Bobby Lashley faced Aleister Black in a brute strength versus speed match. Black used quick kicks and dives from the top rope to keep Lashley grounded, while Lashley relied on moves like suplexes and spine busters. In the end, Black was quick enough to get the win.

Many awaited the return of Edge to Wrestlemania, and he didn’t hold back. Edge faced Randy Orton in a last-man-standing match. With this stipulation, the fighting was brought all around the arena in order to beat your opponent so much so they were unable to stand. Truckbeds, tables, dumbells, chairs and more were used in this match, which saw Edge win after Orton failed to rise from a count of 10.

In the last match, Brock Lesnar defended his WWE title against Drew McIntyre. Two very strong and equally matched men went back and forth with tough move after tough move. McIntyre kicked out of Lesnar’s finishing move multiple times, which came as a huge shock to Lesnar as well as his manager Paul Heyman. To get the win, McIntyre reversed Lesnar’s finisher and did his own several times.

WWE did not fail in providing a unique Wrestlemania experience for their fans, one that only they could provide.