Carter Domingue is not just a superstar on the court, but a locker room favorite when it comes to his leadership ability and desire to do anything possible to come out victorious. 

In high school, Domingue led St. Thomas More Catholic to four straight state championships with his dominance on the floor, but off the court is what set the tone. 

Just ask his high school coach and mentor, Danny Broussard. Coach Broussard harped on Domingue’s willingness to do anything in his power to lead his team each night. 

“Carter’s leadership skills were as best I have ever had,” Broussard said. “He’s one of the top leaders I’ve ever, ever coached. It rubbed off on all of our players. He’s going to do whatever it takes to win, he’s just a winner.” 

Domingue, a scrappy, do-it-all player, looks to translate that same success from high school to the Cajundome this season. Entering his freshman season for Bobby Marlin’s squad, it’ll be exciting to see the role Domingue fills in his first season. 

“I’m really excited to have gotten this opportunity, and I’m willing to do anything Coach Marlin needs me to do,” Domingue said. “I’m going to do what’s necessary to get what I want and that’s to contribute to the Cajuns winning, that’s to get championships. I’m going to be here for the long run.” 

The ability to play to his strengths and fill his role will be needed on such a talented roster this season. As the go-to guy in high school, it’ll be an adjustment waiting for his moment in a Ragin’ Cajuns uniform. 

“I’m adjusting. It’s a tough adjustment,” Domingue said. “But I think the more experience I get playing and stuff, I’ll just continue to get even better and better. It’s giving me a harder, better work ethic than I even had in high school. So, I think given time, I’ll be able to hopefully replicate that same success here at UL.” 

As Domingue continues growing relationships with his teammates to instill trust in them, the more his game will advance. A player who loves the bright lights and biggest moment, that push from his teammates will give him the confidence to step up. 

“When the moment arrives, and he’s out there, he’s going to make some stuff happen,” Broussard said. “It’s usually on the positive side. That’s another thing that I just love about Carter.” 

With Domingue looking to translate his game to Coach Marlin’s squad, it’s safe to say his leadership will be one of his best qualities. Prepared to wait for his “moment,” the Cajuns got a good one in the Lafayette native.