The University of Louisiana at Lafayette offers a police program for students who are interested in law enforcement as a career choice. 

According to the university website, “The student officer program is designed to give current full time college students the ability to gain on the job experience as a Law Enforcement Officer.” 

Part-time paid positions are offered to students, and they will have to undergo a P.O.S.T. (Peace Officer Standards and Training) certification process in order to be enlisted as an official student police officer. 

According to a report given by KATC, the student program, the number of available positions in the program has also decreased due to the increased pay given to each participating officer. 

The application process for interested students includes a few factors like “initial application, oral, interview board, background application, background investigation, physical testing, medical exam and drug testing,” according to the university website. 

Those who pass the application process are required to visit a P.O.S.T. Police Academy located at the Acadiana Law Enforcement Academy at UL Lafayette for 11 weeks, which is the basic training place for those who are becoming law enforcement officers. 

According to the Federal Law Enforcement Training Centers website, these trainings and lessons that potential officers must understand are continuously updated to align with current issues that are relevant to the world today. 

The website states that “the advanced training programs and workshops offered are developed with the advice, assistance and support of federal, state, local, tribal and campus law enforcement agencies and experts.” 

Student officers provide needed assistance to the university’s full-time civil service officers. Along with giving support, they can use this program to develop essential skills to use for real-life situations and altercations. 

All full-time students who have completed one semester or have 12 credit hours are allowed to apply for the positions. Students must also have a valid driver’s license as well as pass a physical examination. 

Those who are accepted must work a minimum of 16 hours per week on top of any emergency situation that may arise. The pay is $600 per month. 

“Along with the sixteen hour shifts, Student Officers are required to work all home football games, home basketball games, and other miscellaneous UL sponsored events,” the application for the position reads. “As a Student Officer you are considered emergency personnel, and as such, it is mandatory to work any natural disasters, or emergency situations that may occur on UL campus.” 

Students can find the application on the university website or can pick one up at the UL Lafayette Police Department located at 210 Hebrard Blvd.