Pack the Moon features music performances by artists from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette on Jan. 21. The show starts at 8 p.m. at the Blue Moon Saloon with a $10 admission. Pack the Moon has been a collective effort of the group called Good Prblms. The members of Good Prblms include Jake Ryan, G-reg, Marvalus, Darionna Marie, Jinaki, Rick Valentino and Kyle Alexander. 

    All of the group artists are students who met and began collaborating on campus at Ragin Records. Ragin Records is the student-run record label at UL Lafayette. Through studio sessions at Ragin Records, the students formed the music collective called Good Prblms. 

Gregory White is a member of Good Prblms, a music business major and an officer at Ragin Records. He describes the work being done there as the catalyst for the show Pack the Moon. Ragin Records allowed them time to work together and get the idea started.

“It provides students the opportunity to record in a professional studio for free, learn how to work/operate studio equipment, and it provides students with the opportunity to meet with and create with other musicians,” White wrote in a statement to the Vermilion.  

    The theme for the show was chosen as Pack the Moon because that is exactly what the musicians in Good Prblms plan to do. They aim to have the biggest crowd that the Blue Moon Saloon has ever seen. 

    Pack the Moon will feature music known as melodic rap. Performances will include slow R&B as well. Good Prblms intends to present rap in an artistic way. The music is centralized around themes like love and social issues. 

    The members of Good Prblms focus on making music. They work together to do something they are passionate about. The artists have spent many late nights in the studio trying to perfect their songs. 

    “Music is everything to me. Everything to all of us. We all want to be able to create full time. We strive to use our art to make a positive impact on the world. To create art that provides joy and comfort to those that listen to it, in the same way that creating and performing music provides joy and comfort to us artists,” White said. 

A great deal of planning and countless hours in the studio has been an ongoing effort for months to make Pack the Moon happen. All of this would not have been possible without the help and availability of Ragin Records. The student-run organization gave the students a place to create their music and meet each other to collaborate.

“We would have never met each other and had the idea to have this show if it wasn’t for Ragin Records, “ White said.