Since graduating from high school last year, I’ve been in and out of a reading slump. No, I do not think it is the post-high school blues. I was actually glad to be done with high school. The main culprit seems to be nothing. I am not kidding; I can’t think of a reason why one day I just stopped reading for a bit.

Before I move on, let me just say that I love reading, and it’s my favorite activity after sleeping. A book was practically glued to my hand from elementary through high school. And a book is still most of the time attached to me. But recently, I’ve been struggling to finish a book. I start a book that I think will be a good read and then stop halfway through it.

It’s not like I just totally stopped reading. I am still getting my required reading for class done on time.

But there have been some bright spots in all of this. My reading slump has helped me rediscover my love for comic books. Reading trade paperbacks has gotten me back in the groove of reading again. I’ve been getting more into nonfiction, especially music memoirs. But I have discovered that I do like reading articles online; there have been many times that I have read some things that have been intriguing to me, and it has taken me down a rabbit hole of lots of exciting topics. A big part of my enjoyment of reading has always been intertwined with my love of learning.

In recent months, it has gotten better. My motivation for reading has come back. The stack of unread books collecting dust on my nightstand has slowly gotten smaller. I am very proud of the fact that I finished two books these past months. That really got my motivation back. Each book I complete is one step closer for them to finally be on my bookshelves next to all the other read books.

I have learned throughout this ordeal that it is okay not to finish a book promptly. Sometimes you just need to stop a book for a bit and return to see if you really like it. I have realized that reading a few pages before I go to bed is helpful. Finishing a chapter or two and not looking at my phone has been a great way to end my day and unwind for the night. 

I’ve tried not to have a reading list to get through; I just read what I am in the mood for. Sometimes that is a big, thick book, and sometimes it is a little 100-page book. To me, the book’s content matters more than the size. 

The main thing to me is that I don’t want to feel weighed down from reading. I want to have fun and maybe learn something along the way. Reading recreationally should not feel like a chore or homework. I want to appreciate what I have read and take those lessons through life.