The roster overhaul for the Ragin’ Cajuns football program continues as spring football quickly approaches this month. With a myriad of Louisiana’s top offensive talent entering the college transfer portal, it’s important to mention the defensive adjustments as well.

Losing star linebacker Lorenzo McCaskill to the portal puts this defense in a bit of a bind as one of their key production pieces takes his skill set elsewhere. Since entering the portal, McCaskill has been a hot name on the market, receiving attention from schools ranging from elite Southeastern Conference programs in Tennessee and Missouri all the way to Texas and the University of Southern California.

McCaskill spoke with Sports Illustrated All-American to give an update on the transfer portal process as he gets recruiting visits set in stone before selecting his next destination.

In this day and age, athletes take to Twitter to announce their offers to programs, but McCaskill has stayed away from social media and instead is keeping the process relatively to himself.

“There are other offers I haven’t put out yet,” McCaskill said to SI All-American. “There are some I am going to go visit. I am going to Texas on April 1. I am waiting to set up visits to a couple of others. I am visiting Missouri in March, but I don’t know what day yet, and I am going to visit Tennessee as well, and I think that will be sometime in March. I don’t have a date for USC and Miami, but Texas, Tennessee and Missouri are some of the ones I am for sure going to go visit.”

When it comes to the University of Texas, Louisiana fans know the city of Austin all too well after starting off the 2021 season in their electric stadium. For McCaskill, the chance to play on such a star-studded field and make connections with Texas players could boost his chances in where he goes next.

On the gridiron, it’s hard to not connect with other athletes, especially against such a high-level opponent in Texas. Clearly, the feel of the stadium and the professional atmosphere has McCaskill high on UT.

“We played Texas the first game of the season, and I liked the environment in Austin,” McCaskill said to SI All-American. “I definitely connected with a lot of the players when we were playing. There was a level of respect between both sides.”

The notoriety McCaskill has received since entering the portal should be no surprise to anyone. A two-time All-Conference selection at Louisiana, his play style has him ranked highly amongst those remaining in the transfer portal. Going from a Group of Five team to a Power Five team should be an easy adjustment for the aggressive linebacker.

The recruitment process is tough, but luckily for McCaskill, this isn’t his first rodeo, receiving calls from elite programs.

“The good thing is that it is not my first time with the recruiting process,” McCaskill said to SI All-American. “I have been through it before, so with me being experienced in college football for a little bit, I know what to look for. The bright lights aren’t going to amaze me. The uniforms and all of that, I am older now and not a high school recruit, so stuff like that is not going to really get me going. I want to know the system, how the team is, the culture, are they a brotherhood, things like that.”

As McCaskill begins taking official visits to Power Five programs and shortening his list of potential suitors, one school is about to get a linebacker who is more than ready to show what he’s made of on the biggest stage.