The Louisiana Ragin’ Cajuns held their annual Pro Day Monday afternoon, with 27 NFL representatives, as well as CFL and XFL scouts, in attendance. The eight Cajuns looking to showcase their talent in front of the top evaluators did just that, really standing out in the drills and tests that were held.

The eight Louisiana standouts participating were: Levi Lewis; Percy Butler; Max Mitchell; linebacker Ferrod Gardner; Tayland Humphrey; linebacker Chauncey Manac; wide receiver Jalen Williams; and long snapper Bobby Hill.

Here’s a look at a few standouts and their unofficial stats in one of the biggest job interviews of their lives:

Levi Lewis (QB)


Weight: 187

Broad Jump: 8’7

3-Cone: 7.28


40-yard dash: 4.72

Percy Butler (Safety)

Height: 6’0.2

Weight: 194

Bench: 13

Vertical: 35

3-Cone: 6.90

40- yard dash: 4.38

Max Mitchell (OL)

Height: 6’6.0

Weight: 307

Bench: 21

40-yard dash: 5.22

Tayland Humphrey (DL)

Height: 6’0.45

Weight: 328

Bench: 20

Vertical: 26

Broad Jump: 8’1

3-Cone: 8.34

Shuttle: 5.12

40-yard dash: 5.44

As the former Cajuns prepare for the next phase of their playing careers, their Pro Day showings are just the beginning for what’s to come. Head Coach Michael Desormeaux understands having 27 NFL teams in attendance is a tremendous feat, proving just how talent-rich this Louisiana program is.

“I think it says that we’ve gotten really good players that are worth coming to see,” Desormeaux said. “This is a National Football League, they’re going to turn over every stone, they’re gonna get every evaluation point that they possibly can.”