The Big Three of the University of Louisiana at Lafayette’s Student Government Association sat down and spoke about how the SGA works and their experience serving in student government.

            SGA’s Big Three are President Destiny Broussard, Vice President Colby Hebert and Treasurer Jasmine Hebert. Broussard is a major in human development and family studies and intends to continue studying to get her master’s degree in social work. Colby Hebert is a major in political science with a concentration in pre-law and is considering either going to law school or going to graduate school for a master’s in public policy or public administration. Jasmine Hebert’s major is management, and she plans to pursue a master’s in business administration after graduation.

All three were elected their freshman year as freshman senators, with Broussard and Colby Hebert having both been on student council in high school. UL Lafayette’s SGA was Jasmine’s first experience in student government, being first exposed to the idea when she attended SOUL Camp.

“When I attended SOUL Camp, it was the first breakout session that I did go to. So I was very interested in just being involved because the moment you step on UL’s campus, the first thing that you hear is just get involved, get involved, get involved,” Jasmine Hebert said. “So after attending the first breakout session, I was just getting involved, and I absolutely loved SGA after my first year doing it so I continued to do it.”

The three also discussed the work and responsibilities that come with their roles in the SGA. Broussard talked about the numerous meetings they attend as a result of the UL system being made up of nine universities, their weekly meetings with President Joseph Savoie and the time they take to read emails from the student body to better act as a voice for the students.

As SGA President, Broussard serves as SGA’s spokesperson, acting as an external head and seeing what it is that the students want and working to meet their needs.

“Seeing like, for example, ‘Hey we want the mascot again.’ You want the mascot again? I will try my best to get you the mascot again. So it’s just different things like that, you know, academic wise, engagement wise, it’s always work because it’s always something to do,” Broussard said.

Being a voice for the students by meeting with the administration is also Broussard’s favorite part about being in the SGA. There’s a variety of different students with different opinions and she works to make sure those student opinions are heard by the faculty.

Colby Hebert, conversely, handles the internal management and operations of the SGA.

“My day-to-day job description is overseeing our Senate and making sure that we’re actually advocating for students through legislation, making sure that committees are meeting, all that good stuff that make sure we’re having an active and participatory organization that’s engaged with the student body,” Colby Hebert said.

Jasmine Hebert’s main responsibility is advocating for what student fees and money allocated to students are spent on. There are different budgets each semester, with money being allocated to specific budgets that can be used for things like funding students or organizations to go to conferences.

“I work with the finance committee and basically make sure that students are getting that money and being able to use it for the things that they need it for.”

The Big Three have spent the summer getting to know the administration and planning for the upcoming fall semester

“I’m working a lot with our college presidents, trying to oversee them, make sure we’re having constant and active engagement with our deans,”Colby Hebert said. “We want to make sure that our students that our senators and presidents are advocating for, their voices are being heard and not only by other students but faculty as well. So we’re starting to build those relationships and connections with the deans of each college right.”

Colby Hebert also mentioned Welcome Week as being a great time to meet members of the SGA that are representing students.

“We’ll have stations in front of every primary college building where you’ll be able to meet your college presidents or your senators and whatnot and really get to know the people that are going to be representing you through this next year,” Colby Hebert said.

The three also encouraged students interested to take the leap and join SGA for the unique opportunity it provides, regardless if they’re a freshman, a graduate student, or anything in between. 

Jasmine Hebert suggested to students on the fence to sit in on one of SGA’s Monday meetings, held at 5:00 p.m. in the Student Union’s Helma. B Constantine Forum (Room 209).

“I would say, definitely come sit in on a meeting so that you can see how the meetings go, how everything runs through SGA. And that way, that’s also an opportunity for your voice to be heard if you’re not already part of SGA,” Jasmine Hebert said.

Students interested can follow SGA on Instagram @ULSGA to learn more about the upcoming giveaway.