Your first year of college can be challenging with finding your classes along with getting used to your first taste of independence. Once you become a sophomore, it will get easier. But since this is your first year at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette, I’ve learned a few things that can make this year more bearable from my first year.

You’ve probably heard what I am about to say from your parents, orientation leaders and everyone else who has ever been to college, but do not schedule an 8 a.m. class unless it is necessary. As someone who did take an 8 a.m. class during the spring semester of their freshman year, it can be exhausting. The 8 a.m. class in high school and the 8 a.m. class in college are two different things. 

    Take some time to look over what you have learned in class. Also, try to read the required reading material. You never know when a teacher might give a pop quiz on the reading or might ask you out of the blue what your thoughts are on it. 

    Trying to study 24/7 will be exhausting. Take some time for yourself. That can be sleeping, watching your favorite show or movie, listening to music or going on a walk. Finding a balance between your personal and school life will help you avoid burnout. 

    Go to office hours or any type of meeting your teacher offers. They can’t always answer your questions in class. Meeting with them individually gives them time to sit down and answer any questions you might have about a particular lesson.  As someone who always has questions about what I am learning, this helped me understand my school work more and helped me become a stronger student. 

    Joining a campus organization can be a great way to meet people that are not in your classes. Joining something on campus has given me something consistent to look forward to every week. It is also a nice breather from school work. Becoming involved in a campus organization can take you out of your shell. This will help you discover new things about the university.

    Try to wear a comfortable pair of shoes. Your feet will be thanking you when you are walking up the five flights of stairs in Griffin, trying not to be late for class. Or the times your second class of the day is across campus. Also, always try to have a raincoat or an umbrella. You never know when it will rain. This advice comes from the fact that I have been caught in the rain without a raincoat or umbrella too many times to count. 

    Go out and explore what Lafayette has to offer. Do what makes you happy; find that group of people you look fondly back on years after you graduate. In the end, this is the only time that you will experience your first year of college. So have fun, and try new things you never thought you would try.