Often, we are taught that if you do not have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all. Now most of the time, we are told that as kids to keep us out of trouble or to not hurt anyone’s feelings. I was taught that silence is sometimes more powerful than words. When you do not give someone the power to cause a reaction from you, it hurts them more. I always heard that silence speaks volumes. However, these are all the negative connotations that come with silence. I am a firm believer that silence may hurt sometimes, but it also preserves.

Silence has a way of protecting not only your energy and emotions, but your dreams. When you have a vision or dream for yourself, it is in its infant phase. That is why we must try harder to protect it. Many times, our goals seem a little crazy to others because they are often bigger than the position that we currently occupy. Not everyone is capable of receiving or even handling your vision with the care that it needs. Many people are incapable of seeing your vision because they are blinded by the obstacles that will come with it.

However, nothing worth fighting for is easy. By keeping your plans to yourself, you silence everyone else’s thoughts. It allows you to highlight your thoughts only. This creates an atmosphere for you to create peacefully without the pressure of having to constantly prove to others why your idea is worth it. If you are constantly having to prove yourself, there is no time left to motivate yourself. Words are very powerful.

As a little girl in church, I can remember my pastor saying that words have the power to give life and to take it away. The older I become, the more I stand in this truth. If you are anything like me, when you are overly excited, you tend to blabber your excitement to the people closest to you. The feeling of having an epiphany is unexplainable and energy is not always transferred. So, when you tell someone your vision and they do not match your energy, they can kill your dream in its early stages.

It can be lonely trying to keep these exciting plans to yourself, especially if you have gone so long trying to figure out what it is  that makes you want to wake up every morning. But if you cannot find someone who will speak life over your dreams, then silence is a burden that I would rather bear. I sometimes must remind myself that I was given this vision for a reason.

I cannot expect everyone to see my vision when it was not given to them.  If someone can see your dream, that does not make them a bad person either. Everyone is born with a dream or vision of what they want to happen in their life. However, life happens for everyone. We all eventually go through good and bad times. For some, the risk is not worth the vision coming into fruition.  So, their advice may come from protection rather than a lack of faith.

But you can respect someone’s advice without taking it. Remember that we meet others in different stages of their life. The fact that you possess the dare to dream means that you are in a different stage of your life. Use this time to be delicate with your dreams. Only accept the energy that breathes life into your idea. You cannot produce from a place that is dead or lacks faith.

Even if you must grab a notebook, write all those ideas that are bigger than life. Allow that silence between you and those pages to create a safe place for your ideas to grow. Don’t just write the big goals but make small goals too, so you can see little successes along the way. Allow your silence to speak for you. Your achievements will eventually reveal the secrets that you once nurtured in silence.