The University of Louisiana at Lafayette has a website redesign in the works. The new website aims to improve user experience for students and faculty while providing an online experience with strong imagery and photos.

 The new website has been undergoing user testing with university faculty, staff and students. This involves people navigating the prototype for the website and giving feedback on their experience.

Senior Director of Web and Digital Strategy Aimee Abshire shared the positive reception from these user based tests.

“We’ve done user testing where we meet with a student, or faculty member, and they will go through a process and we ask them questions and ask if they have trouble finding any information. The current responses have been overwhelmingly positive,” Abshire said.

While providing services for everyone involved with the university, the website redesign is aimed to represent students and their stories, along with revamping for admissions and recruitment purposes.

“We worked really hard to make sure this website is for the students, and there are student stories on every page. We want to capture student voices and stories and reflect them on our website,” Abshire said.

Once this updated site is released, UL Lafayette has plans to revamp more than 150 other campus websites. The online pages aimed at students, such as housing, scholarships and financial aid, will be the main priority for improvement.

While the website was targeted toward recruitment and admissions, it also has sections geared toward current students, faculty and staff. The main goal is to provide a pleasing online experience for anyone interested in the university.

The new site is set to release in early 2023, and once it is completed, university students can expect a refined and fresh online experience for all their campus needs.

If you are interested in where the new university website will be posted, check out the University’s current website.