The University of Louisiana at Lafayette’s campus radio station KRVS is holding a 10-day membership drive. KRVS is an affiliate of National Public Radio (NPR) and is located in Burke-Hawthorne Hall. The membership drive started Sept. 9 and will run until Sept. 18.

KRVS offers listeners an opportunity to begin a membership with Radio Acadie for a small contribution starting as low as $5. New members have the option of making a one-time or monthly donation and will receive a complimentary thank-you gift. 

 KRVS is a noncommercial radio station that does not run ads during its regular program. Funding for the radio station is received through grants from agencies such as the Council for the Development of French in Louisiana and the Atchafalaya National Heritage Area.

According to Cheryl Devall, KRVS general manager, KRVS is a local radio station of the NPR network which encompasses hundreds of stations nationwide. NPR was started with the goal of providing educational material and, over the years, has evolved into what we know today. 

“Public radio started about a little over 50 years ago with stations like this one that were attached to universities or public libraries or school systems, you name it, and it had its roots in educational broadcasting,” Devall said. 

The radio station airs Cajun, Creole, blues and zydeco music. KRVS has over 50 different programs including music, news, interviews and information on local events.

KRVS has over 40 hours of music broadcast during the week produced by local musicians. Devall described the variety of music programs the radio station has during the week, which includes over 40 hours a week of locally-produced music.

Devall also spoke about how KRVS has kept the French language alive through the years with its programming.

“This station really has tried over the years to not only keep the language alive, and about 20 percent of our programming is in French, but also to amplify the wonderful tradition that you know of the music and culture that you can’t find anywhere else,” Devall said. 

Starting Monday, Sept. 12, “Bonjour Louisiane” will be broadcast in French with the new host Ashlee Michot from 5 a.m. to 7 a.m. weekdays which is focused on Cajun French music.

 Fridays feature four hours of “The Blues Box ” hosted live by Raoul Breaux starting at 9 a.m. including live performances from local musicians. 

“Each Friday listeners from Acadiana and beyond immerse themselves in the blues’ sweet sounds and its history,” KRVS website reads.  

KRVS airs “La Nation Creole” which includes music from creole speaking countries around the world on Sundays at 4 p.m. hosted by Cedric Watson. 

“From Louisiana to Haiti, from the French Antilles to the Indian Ocean come discover international Creole grooves on La Nation Créole,”  the KRVS website reads.

Listeners can find a schedule and previous episodes on the website. Donations can be made at the KRVS website, by phone at 337-482-6108 or via email at They can also tune in with the KRVS app that can be accessed from their phones.