The University of Louisiana at Lafayette has an early Homecoming in store, with the event starting Sept. 25, and ending Oct. 1. This is a significantly earlier Homecoming than the year of 2021, which started later in October of that year.

With Homecoming shortly on the horizon, it brings both beneficial and inconvenient times for students. While some prefer the later months of October for a Homecoming event, others may enjoy the celebration taking place earlier in Fall.

Ken Yattor, a senior at UL Lafayette, has a preference for an earlier Homecoming due to the weather.

“I think as a whole it’s more convenient because, by being earlier, it’s not super cold outside while people are trying to do stuff,” Yattor said.

With warmer temperatures in the transition from September to October, it may warrant more comfortable outdoor activities for Homecoming Week. However, this time of the semester may prove inconvenience to some students.

Junior Gabby Laine, a communications major, expressed how an earlier week of Homecoming activities is more inconvenient because of conflicts with class exams and other schoolwork.

“I think it makes it a little more inconvenient for me, because I tend to be a lot busier around the end of September with exams and work.” Laine said.

With many reasons to back an earlier or later Homecoming, it seems like the event will bring more comfortable temperatures outdoors. Though some may just be indifferent towards the timeframe of Homecoming.

Junior Colin Patin, a general studies major, expressed positive feelings towards the homecoming season, but a neutral stance on the timeframe of it.

“Starting earlier I feel just gets people into the spirit of being a student here quicker, and when you look at it that way, I think it’s a good thing. At the end of the day, I’m indifferent about the date, since either way it doesn’t add stress to my personal life.” Patin said.

Whatever feelings on the timeframe of this year’s Homecoming may be, an exciting week is planned for UL Lafayette students starting on Sep. 25.

Some events lined up for this upcoming Homecoming Week include the Homecoming Block Party, Cupcake Giveaway, Wear Red, Get Fed, Cajuns Got Talent, Yell Like Hell, the National Pan-Hellenic Council (NPHC) Greek Expo and the Homecoming parade. 

For the Cupcake Giveaway, students get the opportunity to meet this year’s Homecoming Court while getting a sweet snack. Wear Red, Get Fed is a Homecoming specialty where students can wear UL Lafayette clothing and get free lunch from UPC.