It is that time of year again when we dust off our shelved University of Louisiana at Lafayette merch and become die-hard Ragin’ Cajuns. There is one side of the spectrum of people that will not be able to move on with life if they do not go to every homecoming event including the games, and then there is the other side where those people only go to tailgates to find friends and get tipsy or drunk. Then, as you are trying to sober up a little bit, you turn around and go to the after parties to get even more tipsy or drunk.

Now, the reason why this is the preference when it comes to homecomings is vague, but there is something about that Jungle Juice/Bacardi Mango mix that relieves people of life’s problems, even if it is only for the weekend. Sure, you have like three tests to study for and like six homework assignments, but when it is Homecoming Week, that assignment you need to “pass the class” suddenly does not matter anymore. 

I remember last year going to my first tailgate and my first Homecoming game. To say it was a film, production and showing at the theaters is an understatement. Seeing people that you forgot go to the same school as you or seeing people you have not seen since elementary, middle or high school gives you a surreal feeling in your belly.

 The only downside to this one-of-a-kind experience is actually getting to your destination. What I mean is that the tens of thousands of alumni that pre-pre-reserved their parking spots as well as their tailgate set-up take top priority. Then, there is the entire state of Louisiana who all wants to go to the Grant Street Dancehall at 9 p.m.

From walking and/or trying to find a spot for tailgating and then washing, rinsing and repeating hours later for a party, it does begin to get tiresome. There is not even a guarantee that you get into parties because for half of the time, you are in line. That, ladies and gentlemen, brings down the party vibe.

Regardless, once you have gone to your first Homecoming, you are definitely going to the next one. Once you have become a part of the film, production and showing at the theaters, you are going to want to be in the sequel and quite possibly the following franchises. Homecoming is the biggest school-pride event of the year where all kinds of shenanigans can unfold. 

I went to Baton Rouge High, so I did not get the chance to rep my school’s football or basketball team. We had quizbowl, tennis, soccer, track and other sports that homecoming would not center around. When I went to Homecoming last year, it was an eye-opening moment on what I missed in high school. 

This year, who knows what this sequel will include. Who knows what UL Lafayette will put out as a trailer for the Homecoming movie. All I know, whether you go to a kickback and something chill or a cramped party with no room to turn up, Homecoming is what you make of it. Moral of the story: you only live once, so why not become one of those die-hard Ragin Cajuns and go to this one football game the entire season? It is all in the name of having a good time.