The University of Louisiana at Lafayette has been experiencing both reports and scares of burglaries at Cajun Field. 

In September, Cajun Field has seen multiple burglaries at their concession stands. According to reports, some of the stolen items included a TV remote, a Sprite bottle, a clear plastic bottle, a Bud Light bottle and cases of beer and soda. 

Cajun Field holds a lot of student traffic, with it being a main stop for the UL Lafayette bus system and providing parking for many students.

Lt. Billy Abrams, public information officer for the University of Louisiana at Lafayette Police Department, commented on the Cajun Field burglaries and ULPD’s response.

“I can confirm that multiple burglaries have occurred at Cajun Field. Combined, it is not a lot of things that were taken, but it is enough to make it a serious crime. We have taken steps to prevent it from happening again, and we are moving forward with some good information,” Abrams said.

Students who park their vehicles at Cajun Field expressed their thoughts on the incidents and personal fear of theft.

Kai Hensley, a junior majoring in kinesiology, shared his thoughts of the burglaries at Cajun Field.

“I wouldn’t say I have a concern for my personal safety, but more so for possessions. You might not want to keep anything too important in your car if there is someone going out stealing,” Hensley said.

David Akinsoji, a freshman and mechanical engineering major, gave his thoughts on safety at Cajun Field and a burglary scare he experienced.

“It is a concern for safety because your car could get broken into. Just yesterday, I walked to my car and found my trunk slightly opened. I normally make sure that everything is closed. I looked inside and found one of my two speakers moved under something,” Akinsoji said.

Akinsoji said that nothing was stolen from his vehicle, but he believes someone attempted to take one of his speakers, and then placed it back inside to leave the scene.

Abrams also commented on how to keep one’s property and belongings safe on campus, and University Police’s availability to students.

“Maintain your property and keep it close to you. We always express for people to be their own guardian when it comes to protecting their personal space and property. Anything beyond that, give us a call and we would be more than happy to assist in any way that we can,” Abrams said.

With many students flowing through campus every day, it is vital to be protective of one’s belongings when leaving a vehicle parked, as opportunities for burglary can increase in densely populated university parking areas.