On Oct. 17, Amy Armstrong became the new Alumni Director for the University of Louisiana at Lafayette.

Armstrong’s positions include the new associate vice president for University Engagement and the CEO of the Alumni Association.

Armstrong engages with soon-to-be graduates and helps them in multiple ways, such as academically.

There are multiple events that Armstrong can assist students with such as mentoring, the traditions of the university ring and senior projects.

The main goal within the association is to promote good fellowship among alumni, strengthen the ties of loyalty and devotion of alumni to their alma mater and further the interests of the institution.

Armstrong explained her background towards her positions, as one of the first non-alumnis in the association.

“My undergraduate degree is in business marketing from Texas Tech University, and then I have an MBA in Strategic Planning from the University of North Texas,” Armstrong said.

Armstrong also went into detail about how it felt joining the Alumni Association here on campus.

“I have spent a lot of time outside the office meeting students, meeting alumni and just the Lafayette community, and I’ll tell you, I think this is the friendliest place I’ve ever been,” Armstrong said. 

Armstrong continued by sharing some experiences she had while exploring the Lafayette community.

“I was at the dog park the first weekend I moved to Lafayette, and someone stopped me and said ‘Are you that new person at the Alumni Association?’ I was like, this is the friendliest place,” Armstrong said. 

Armstrong has been thoroughly impressed with the community, and wants to help within the Alumni Association.

Armstrong went into detail about certain events that the Alumni Association will be hosting for people within the Lafayette community.

“One of the things that we will be doing starting this December is that I’m going to be opening the Alumni Center the weekend of graduation so that graduates when they finish commencement they can come over here,” Armstrong said.

She continued by saying, “We’re gonna do it free, so if you come over in your cap and gown if you want pictures with your family. We’re not providing the photographer, but if you want to come over and take pictures of all of the different places inside and outside, we have fountains.”

This will be occurring during the two days of commencement, which will be Dec. 16 and 17.

Armstrong shared her thoughts of UL Lafayette throughout her time here thus far.

“I have been nothing but impressed with all of the different programs. The campus is beautiful, the cultures represented here are just unbelievable and I want students to know how proud they should be of earning a degree here,” Armstrong said.

She can be found at the Alumni Center located at 600 East St. Mary Blvd on UL Lafayette campus.