Rage rooms, also known as smash rooms or anger rooms, are spaces where people can vent their rage by destroying objects. I feel that the University of Louisiana at Lafayette should have rage rooms on campus.

There has been at least one moment in my life where I could not grasp the concept of a class, and all I wanted to do was burst out in anger. I understand that there are multiple ways to emotionally cope with stress or anxiety, but sometimes verbalizing those feelings can be tougher than it seems. 

There have always been reasons like fear or embarrassment that have held me back from explaining my own problems to others. The thought of people listening to how I feel in any negative way makes me want to shut people out physically and emotionally. There have been times where I wish I had gone to a rage room to feel better, but most of the prices around the area are too expensive. 

I think if rage rooms were added to campus, a majority of students would feel relieved of all the frustrations of college life, socially and academically.

I do believe that UL Lafayette has the capability to create rage rooms on campus, and even if it was not an everyday type of thing, it would benefit multiple people on campus during stressful times such as finals.

At first, it may not seem possible to have this luxury on campus due to school funding, but it is actually easy when looking through this situation in a bigger perspective. 

I think that there are multiple open areas on campus, such as Heritage Park, the upstairs ballrooms and the open field at the Student Union, where the rage rooms can take place.The areas would be spaced out to the point where no one would get hurt.

The objects could be those around the school in poor condition, like chairs and desks on the verge of breaking and molded furniture. I also believe that students should participate in bringing items that they feel can be used for the rooms.

The only thing that would be a problem with these rooms is the amount of noise it would create along with the amount of people that would want to participate.

I also think there should be pricing for the rage rooms, but it should be four dollars at most because it’s college, people are broke and we should be able to let off some steam at a reasonable price.

There would most likely be a system where the rooms could be rented online for 45 minutes or less, and the rooms could remain open throughout the week for four to five hours at the very least.

Even though the rage rooms are intended to destroy and vent, I feel that this is a healthy coping mechanism. Pent up anger can be dangerous and can easily be caused by school or a social life. As previously stated, it can be hard to express to someone how you truly feel.

Having all that pent up anger, and talking to someone may not be the solution. Sure, it is nice to say “I’m mad and here’s why…” but sometimes frustration still resonates even after expressing how you feel. 

Sometimes that type of anger can lead to irrational thoughts, which can also lead to lashing out at others that may be dear to you.