There comes a moment in life where you have to make a choice between your purpose and your calling. For some people, this choice is easy because both pathways are combined. However, if you are like me, then making this choice almost felt like a burden. Depending on where you are in life, will determine whether you will make this smooth transition. 

First, we must determine the difference between both. I like to look at your calling and your favorite hobby as two separate pathways. Hobbies are something that we do to keep life exciting and interesting. 

As a kid, I always loved singing and acting at my hometown local theater. Then, there was a part of me that enjoyed writing and giving these exaggerated motivational speeches in front of my mirror.

If I’m being completely honest, almost every child who had access to Disney Channel and Nickelodeon wanted to be a singer or an actress. I did not want to do these things because I was so in love with the craft; I just wanted to be seen. Because to me, being famous meant being wealthy. This would have been the ultimate ego stroke. 

However, chasing the pathway that strokes your ego will always lead to burnout. I had to realize that it takes more energy following your hobbies than it does your calling. Nothing is wrong with giving something all your energy, but the problem is I was using all my energy trying to work at a talent that I didn’t possess naturally. 

When you do not possess something naturally, no matter what it is, you will continue to search blindly for validation. Now sometimes your childhood hobbies can lead to you finding your calling. I also do not want anyone to think that choosing to follow your hobbies is the wrong path to take. Everyone’s experiences are different.

Although, the right path for me came down to something very simple. Do I want to feel fulfilled, or do I just want to be happy in the moment? I also do not want you to think that taking the path of your calling will not leave you exhausted. Oftentimes people will not give you the validation that you are looking for.

The difference in this path is that you will feel so strongly and convicted. So much so, you will validate yourself because you know that this is what you are supposed to be doing. Work does not feel like work because there is this level of personal satisfaction and self-fulfillment. 

This pathway has to be my favorite because I do not feel the need to be good enough or compete. I know that this unique path was made for me. I might bring something you have seen before to the table, but because it comes from me, it is new. I do not overanalyze everything, constantly needing to see results.

There will be moments when you question everything. Times where you might decide to walk away, but there will always be something that leads you right back. You have to know that many times you will not get quick results. In this path, the mantra “Nothing good comes easy” will be your motivation. Money will be encouraged, welcomed even, but it will not be your driving force. Impact will be your ultimate goal.

 It will definitely feel like a slow burn, but it’s up to you if this path will be worth it. Choosing between these two pathways as a career is never easy, and I would not be surprised if you are still confused on what to choose. So, I will leave you with this question. Would you rather spend your life creating new avenues of instant gratification, or would you rather spend your life in fulfillment?