I hate the Reverse-Flash. In The CW show, “The Flash,” there is a notorious villain named the Reverse-Flash. If you have not watched the show please stop reading now. There are major spoilers ahead!  

The Reverse-Flash, Eobard Thawne, is the self-proclaimed opposite of The Flash, Barry Allen. He matches his speed, strength, time travel abilities and so on. He seems to be the perfect villain, but he is not. 

I appreciate villains, when they make me hate them and wish for their downfall. My favorite villain from “The Flash” would be The Thinker, or Clifford Devoe. He mentally manipulated me and made me want to slap him through the screen. 

He, in my opinion, was a well-written villain. Reverse-Flash started off as a good villain, but then just became lazy and desperate. In the beginning, Reverse-Flash had a sort of horror style to him. 

He played a dual life, watched Barry Allen grow up for fifteen years, then electrocuted him and made him the Flash. A true psycho. That I can respect what he becomes afterwards, I can not. 

To me, a villain has to serve some purpose. Whether that be pushing the plot along or being a threat, Reverse-Flash was just annoying after his third resurrection. I rewatched the show, and he is in about 30 episodes out of 171 total episodes, so far. 

After the first season of “The Flash,” Reverse-Flash is seemingly erased from existence through the sacrifice of his ancestor Eddie Thawne. Trying to spare major spoilers, but Barry messed up in the past via time travel and let Eobard live. 

Epic plot twist, the dead man is resurrected! Because he is alive he is then chased by Black Flash, a sort of timeline keeper, in order to rectify the timeline of existence. He is killed, very not sad. Pretty great writing so far. 

And then we are hit with an epic crossover of the Arrowverse, The CW’s DC cinematic universe, where they fight evil Nazi doppelgangers from another Earth. Sick! And then Reverse-Flash shows up. Not sick!

After the fight, the Flash is put in a situation where he has the opportunity to kill the Reverse-Flash. 

And in typical hero fashion, he does not kill Reverse-Flash. Maybe Eobard will rethink his actions and leave Barry alone.

Wrong! Because we need the Reverse-Flash as plot twist for future seasons. This trend is seen in every single season of “The Flash.” Eobard shows up with an evil plan, Barry and company beat him and then he (the writers) find a way to bring him back. 

I do understand that it is heavily based on the comics, and maybe I am bashing the wrong people. But for now, I am mad at the show writers, they could have stopped at the third, fourth or fifth resurrection. 

I think Barry should have phased his hand through Eobard’s heart. It sounds morbid, but the amount of times Eobard has made that move towards Barry and company deems it acceptable.

One thing I will never comprehend is how after many resurrections, Eobard is finally getting erased from existence and he is dying.  Team Flash is given the option of letting him die. And they say no! 

Was no one paying attention when he killed Barry’s mother, literally joined a Nazi cult, ran Barry’s daughter to death or started actual Armageddon? He did many other things, but no one thought they were red flags. 

It amazes me how the show wants me to believe everyone was on board with letting him live. He was a serial killing speedster, and you want me to be okay with him living without powers. Which, spoiler alert, he found a way to get them back anyway. 

So, it was literally all for nothing. I want to think of the Reverse-Flash as an amazing super villain, but he is just a predictable plot twist.

 I watch the show, and whenever I feel the music crescendo a bit, I know that the yellow booger is coming back. 

Annoying, that is what he is. I love the actor who plays him. Tom Cavanagh will forever have my heart, Reverse-Flash not so much. I think I might just hate annoying villains who need therapy, but then I would just hate every villian. 

“The Flash” is an amazing show. So amazing that I forgive the low budget CGI! It’s just that I, and many other fans according to Twitter, are tired of seeing the Reverse-Flash pop up with bull poop excuses on his latest resurrection. 

That being said, I cannot wait to see the Reverse-Flash appear again (after his last timeline erasure) in the last season of “The Flash.” 

I am pretty sure they cannot resurrect him again if there is no show to put him in. Maybe, I don’t know. 

What if they put him in my nightmares? I wouldn’t be surprised.