During winter break, I started to rewatch “Bob’s Burgers,” and it is my favorite comfort show. This show has been on air since 2012, and it’s about a family who owns a burger restaurant. Each episode always contains a new goofy adventure that the Belcher family gets their selves into.

I love the first few seasons of the show because it feels as if there are actual people talking to one another, not just a script that someone is reading off of.

It’s relaxing to hear the characters talk to one another whether it be them arguing, or being sarcastic with their dry humor. 

I also love the fact that this sitcom is about a family that truly cares about each other. It’s refreshing to see siblings that communicate with one another instead of fighting or arguing with each other.

I’m an only child, so it’s mesmerizing, oddly enough, to see a sibling dynamic work so well together and still keep the dry humor in tact. There are three siblings in this show that share completely different personalities. I have connected with each sibling’s personality in one way or another. 

Tina, the oldest, brings me back to my tween years where I was shy but also obsessed with crushes. Gene, the middle child, shares a love for music with a lot of energy the same way I do. Lastly Louise, the youngest, relates to me the most because she has a hard time sharing how she feels, but at the end of the day, cares for the people she loves.

One character in particular that always cracks me up is Linda Belcher, the mother of the family. She has this weird, quirky personality that I have not seen in any adult cartoon sitcom. In other shows, such as “Family Guy” or “The Simpsons,” the mothers are housewives who tend to be annoyed with their kids or husbands. 

Linda also reminds me of my mom, who are both weird in their special ways. Whenever I miss my mom, I always turn on an episode specifically about Linda because I feel like my mom is with me whenever I hear Linda’s voice. 

Along with Linda’s personality, I love the relationship she has with her husband Bob, who is the main owner of the restaurant. Bob is the opposite of Linda, but he always tries to match her energy. Sometimes it works, but whenever it doesn’t, Linda always loves Bob for who he is.

It’s refreshing to see Bob and Linda on screen and to see their dynamic, whether it be with their kids or just them. I haven’t seen a cartoon couple in a while that genuinely cares for each other as much as Bob and Linda do.

I believe that Bob and Linda are also amazing parents to their three children. They are always supportive of whatever the kids intend to do, and try to stay involved as much as they can while owning a restaurant. 

One episode I can think of that really shows how much Bob and Linda care is season five, episode one, “Work Hard or Die Trying, Girl.” The episode is about how Gene puts on an underground performance of his “Die Hard”- inspired musical, while another musical is being performed, which Tina is involved with.

Bob and Linda want to show support for both of their kids and go to both, but decide to split up and play rock, paper, scissors to figure out who’s going to which performance. 

This show is charismatic with each family member that comes on screen, and if you decide to put on one episode then you’ll be roped in to watch at least four more.

I have always loved this show since it first came on air, and I am so glad I am able to have the same love for it now that I am in college.