Ginny and Georgia” is an American TV series on Netflix about an angsty teen named Ginny and her free-spirited mom, Georgia. Georgia is trying to escape her past and provide her two kids with a better life that she did not have.
Georgia is seen as the all american beauty, blonde hair and big blue eyes, her personality is very easy going and her southern accent can charm anyone. However, all these traits make it so hard to dislike her. When it comes to her and Ginny, Ginny gets the most hate.
I see so many people on TikTok and Youtube make videos about their dislike for Ginny’s character. Ginny’s character can come across as ungrateful. I think because Ginny holds Georgia accountable for her actions and Georgia is the crowd’s favorite, she can come across as unlikeable.
Many people think that Ginny is ungrateful because of all the things that Georgia had to go through to protect her family. However, even I have to remind myself that Ginny is only 15 in this series. So, many of the things she went through happened when she was really young. I do not want to drop too many spoilers, but Georgia has a history of murdering her husbands.
Some may say that she had good reasons to do so because her first two husbands were not good people. Especially her second husband, who tried to hurt Ginny. Everytime Georgia would hurt someone she would move to another city which would cause Ginny to always be the new girl.
Ginny was always the outcast because she never stayed anywhere long enough to make friends. There’s more things that Georgia did to get by like credit card fraud, but most viewers see her as a struggling mother trying to get by. Georgia did not come from a good family, and they kicked her out once they found out she was pregnant.
You are probably wondering where Ginny’s dad is? Georgia stayed with him for a while until his parents offered her an ultimatum. Ginny’s dad, Zion parents wanted Georgia to leave Ginny with them. However, Georgia did not want to, so she ended up doing everything on her own.
Georgia felt that these decisions were right for her, however I wonder if she ever considered whether these decisions would be right for Ginny. For example, Ginny’s father is African American, so she is biracial. Throughout the show, she encounters many microaggressions.
Although, I do not think she always goes about dealing with the microaggressions the right way. When Georgia decided to take Ginny away from her fathers side of her family, that cut her off from having the things she was experiencing validated. Some of the things she goes through being a biracial woman in America are things that Georgia cannot protect her from.
When I look at Georgia, I see a mother who would do anything to protect her kids. But, Georgia’s character confuses me. I see Georgia as a hero, but then there is a part of her who is willing to do anything to have a perfect life. So what separates a hero from a villain?
Is it the amount of kills or is it the way we paint their story? Or, is the villain determined just by your intentions? Many of Georgia’s decisions were rooted in protection. If this story was being told from her late husband point of view, would we still see Georgia as the beloved hero?
Georgia’s past comes back to bite her. When it does, it takes the viewers by surprise and it almost feels unfair for her to get her karma. She was finally about to get her happily ever after. Most people would say that the detective who got Georgia arrested is the true villain of the series.
That is why it is so important when it comes to who is telling the story. As season two came to an end, it made me wonder. Could the audience be the true villains? If Georgia was to do away with the detective to protect her kids who already went through alot, would I forgive her? Do I think the viewers would forgive her? The answer to these questions is yes, absolutely yes.
Although I am not that fond of Ginny, I will say that even she tried to get help in the series. She started going to therapy and made a real effort to get better, however Georgia sees her actions as a gold star in the art of protection. Georgia just seems human to me. In real life, everything and everyone is not always black and white.
She makes it possible to be the hero and the villain. Aren’t we all villains in someone’s story or are certain actions just that unforgivable? Because of this, I have yet to figure out who the real villain is. So, I will leave this question to you. Who is the real villain, the audience or Georgia?