Let the good times roll and try to find the baby in the king cake because it is that time of year: Mardi Gras! This is a holiday that only happens in the great state of Louisiana where the historical and traditional context of it is its masks, carriages and horseback, but the Louisianaian context is beads, king cakes, floats and of course, the infamous colors of purple, gold and green. 

One thing people cannot deny is when it is Mardi Gras season, you will never be bored, especially if you live in the great city of New Orleans. Although the holiday originated in medieval Europe, it gained popularity in the city way down on the river. I mean, there’s the endless parades, festivals, and let’s not even get into Bourbon Street.

You can feel Louisiana come to life after the random cold, wintry days that are extremely rare since all we get is humidity here. It is a breath of fresh air to see Louisianaians joyous and in celebration since the state is always at the bottom of almost every ranking of living. Regardless, this year in late February will have everyone on their feet.

Another thing people cannot deny is that you will get the chance to dance the night away. In terms, New Orleans is the New York of Louisiana during Mardi Gras. On the regular, the city never sleeps, but during Mardi Gras, consider NOLA an insomniac. People can come home at 6 a.m. the next day just to turn around and do it all again.

Although the daytime hours of Mardi Gras have kids getting royalty treatment with the toys from the float, once it hits after hours, the kids better be put up to bed. Not only will you see the best/worst kinds of theatrics in people, but it is guaranteed, much like every other party, that the go-to afterparty shot is Waffle House.

In the midst of the Fat Tuesday shenanigans, there are many reasons why this is one of the most anticipated, freeing events of the year. According to National Today, “Mardi Gras is when we let our hair down. You can do any goofy thing and everyone will cheer you on. Put on your most outrageous costume and boogie. Wear a tutu, don a headdress, or maybe just put on a lampshade and dance on a table. It’s all good. That’s the spirit of Mardi Gras!”

New Orleans also wrote “There’s so much to celebrate during Carnival season, where locals rule and visitors are more than welcome to join in on the fun. On the weekends leading up to Fat Tuesday, parades roll all over town. Spectators gasp at the colossal Endymion floats and delight in the political satire of Krewe du Vieux. There’s something to do during every week of the Mardi Gras season.

Whether you are a native or a tourist, Mardi Gras is that one special holiday where there is genuine fun and leisure to celebrate what makes Louisiana unique above anything else. To conduct such a celebratory carnival in the city that has endured tragedies like Hurricane Katrina truly encapsulates the justice, power and faith symbolized in the infamous colors. 

Even if 364 days of your years are not the best, there is one day in the Boot where life is problem-free. From a fellow Louisianaian to you, celebrate this day and be someone who spreads nothing but joy. Most importantly, have fun!