If you’re as nosy as me, you’ve heard of an app called Yik Yak, where people anonymously make any comment they want to create. The app relaunched in 2021 and has been gaining a lot of popularity around students.

I’ve had this app since my freshman year of college and have noticed how addictive it can get just to read some of the things that people share.

It feels like when you get into a show and say to yourself one more episode and then you watch the entire series, thinking at the end “Do I need help?”

I think what is surprising about the app is how people can become completely unhinged since the comments are anonymous. It gives a lot more leeway to people who want to talk about others, whether it be good or bad, or about our college.

I also believe that people feel a lot more comfortable sharing how they feel in an app that won’t reveal who you are. Sometimes, it can be easier for people to ask anonymously rather than upfront, and I don’t blame them.

It can be hard for people to be upfront, and I think Yik Yak has helped people when asking about a class or where a specific location can be on campus, but there are others who use the app in another way, which is what makes the app so popular.

There are numerous times where students have been called out on the app for certain things they have done, whether it be on campus or not. When reading comments of circumstances like this, it’s hard to focus on anything else because it’s like witnessing a reality TV show in your own room and all you can do is just watch or respond.

I specifically remember when there was someone who was asking about relationship advice and there were at least 16 people where half of them were nice and tried to help them out, while the others were being rude and telling them that they didn’t care about their problem. The whole scenario was because someone was just asking for some advice and it sparked an argument with others.

The app can sometimes be useful though. I have been able to check the comments and know if there are any events that are going on within the campus or to see how bad the campus would be due to the weather. 

Once I go on the app, I feel like I’m in a comment section on TikTok except there’s a lot of anonymous people who are asking for relationship advice. I hope they’re okay since I’ve last been on there because holy moly it’s a mess.

The best way I can describe this app is odd since people can use comments anonymously to express how they feel, but it is their choice on the way they create their thoughts online. 

It could possibly be another reason why it’s so addictive because I think that everyone has an app that they focus on, whether it be TikTok, Snapchat, Instagram or Twitter, and they can control the aspect of what they put out on the internet. The only difference is that Yik Yak is anonymous. 

Being anonymous can be a blessing and a curse because I think being anonymous can help people get out of their shells and express themselves a lot more, but there are others who abuse being anonymous to focus on the rather negative aspects of life and people. 

Yik Yak is as addictive as other apps and has a lot more leverage since it’s an anonymous app, but I worry what the future will look like if apps like these keep spreading around.