I heard you were looking for a family-friendly atmosphere to enjoy some mouthwatering food or just to relax and watch a sports game. Fat Pat’s, a sports bar and grill, takes pride in good food, entertainment and customer service. 

Upon entry, I couldn’t help but notice the eye-catching decor. The space was dimly lit with bright and colorful neon beer signs adding a unique glow. At least three small televisions line each wall with a variation of sports games and “America’s Funniest Videos” playing. 

Three booths sit on each side of the walls with three square dining tables in the middle of the floor. The tables are a nice distance apart, allowing patrons to dine comfortably. There is also a barroom in the restaurant as well as a small eating area outside for patrons who wish to enjoy their meals outdoors. 

From the classic salads, loaded fries, nachos, hot dogs, sandwiches and wraps to more creative dishes like the peanut butter bacon burger, Fat Pat’s, whose motto is “Never Trust A Skinny Cook!”, offers an extensive menu of flavorful dishes to order. The menu is very simple and easy to read. Each dish has a description underneath, aiding patrons in choosing what meal they want. The prices are a little more on the high end with appetizers starting at $8 and other food items starting at at least $12. 

To start off my meal, I began with the “Fat Pat’s Fries” from the starters menu. These delicious fries are topped with queso, cheddar, pepper jack and your choice of chicken, beef or pulled pork. I decided to order my dish topped with beef. The fries were seasoned to perfection. The beef was so tender and juicy throughout each bite. This dish is also served with a side of lettuce, tomato, sour cream and jalapeños for diners to dress their meals. 

If you know me, you know I love a good, cold glass of lemonade, so I ordered it as my choice of beverage. For all my lemonade fans out there, I’ll be the first to tell you that this glass was a 10 out of 10. I had at least four glasses to say the least. It wasn’t overly sweet or sour, but a perfect balance between the two. To add on to the sweetness, patrons receive free refills. 

For my next dish, I ordered the seafood combo platter. This platter comes with your choice of grilled or fried shrimp and fried catfish, served over seasoned fries, tartar sauce and cocktail sauce. Since I had already ordered fries, I substituted for onion rings instead. The catfish was so rich and flavorful. Each bite was met with a flavorful, crispy crunch. 

However, although the fried shrimp was really good, I found that the batter was a bit salty at points. I also found that the onion rings didn’t really have that much of a taste and needed to be dipped in the tartar sauce to taste more flavorful. 

To top off my meal, I ordered the homemade brownie from the dessert menu. This dish was absolutely amazing. The thick, chocolatey brownie was topped with vanilla ice cream and chocolate drizzle. 

Overall, my favorite dishes were my starter, dessert and lemonade of course. I will give the seafood platter a good 8 out of 10 since the catfish was so enjoyable. I also want to mention that the serving sizes are more than generous. I actually had to package the rest of my appetizer so I would have enough room for my entree and dessert. 

The customer service was very welcoming and informative. Our waitress made sure that our table was clear of any extra dishes or trash. The restaurant was very tidy and neat, and the bathrooms were spacious and had a pleasant aroma. 

Fat Pat’s Bar and Grill has seven different locations in Louisiana. I visited the Carenco location at the address: 3900 NE Evangeline Thrwy Carencro, LA 70520 in Suite 100. Make sure to stop by and try out some of their dishes and enjoy the good vibes and views.