First things first, has anyone watched the VMA’s this year? If so, what was your opinion of it? Last question, did the awards feel the same way that it felt when you were younger?

In my opinion, the awards this year were okay, but it was better than the years before. 

Now my opinion may be a little biased because I love Nicki Minaj. She took a break from award shows for a while because of drama. Even though she played a part in the drama, I love a good comeback story.

This VMA’s felt a little more lively. My favorite part of the night was her receiving her flowers for the role she played in hip-hop. 

I loved her throwback performance of “Itty Bitty Piggy’’ and how the song flowed on to “Red Ruby Da Sleeze.” 

I especially loved how the audience rapped her old songs just as clearly as her newer songs. The fans really reminded me of the fandemonium that the award shows used to have when I was growing up. 

The nostalgia the audience provided reminded me of 2012-2013 VMA’s, staying up late on Twitter because everyone wanted to vote for their favorite to win an award.

Although this year awards brought back nostalgia, it was still lacking that spark to say the least. Can I just say what we are all thinking? The VMA’s has lost its appeal. 

At first, I was blaming social media. I was thinking that maybe no one was excited for the awards because we have so much access to celebrities that we no longer get excited to see them. Now that may be a small reason, but you have to remember 2012-2015 was a wild time to be on Twitter. If you think celebrities didn’t have a filter now, you should definitely look up old tweets from then. 

There was no “Shade-Room,” and no one cared if they got caught because they posted their own business. 

The only thing I can think of that is different besides Beyonce not attending, is that VH1 has lost what made their brand special. 

I remember waking up for school and turning VH1 on and watching the music videos early in the morning. I would be introduced to so many new artists while hoping to see the music video of my fave at the time. 

“I just don’t understand how you can not appeal to teenagers, adults or young adults for that mater.”

Summer Landry

I know I sound like a grandma ranting, but during those days VH1 was known for more than just reality TV. So, how can you host the “Video Music Awards,” and your brand does nothing to showcase that. 

I think ever since the brand started losing its identity it has eventually started to affect the award shows.

That being said, how can I care about something that the brand does not care about? It lost its relevance. 

It’s like they do not know their audience and are just thriving off of the name that they used to have. I miss seeing moments like Lady Gaga dressed as a meat suit. 

Beyonce rubbing her stomach as she reveals to the world she is pregnant with Blue Ivy. Pink flying in the air for every song she has in her catalog. I really do think that lady loves performing in mid air. 

Rihanna gracing the awards with her electrifying performances and fashion. If I could even go back and see Katy Perry’s performance of “Teenage Dream,” I definitely would. 

The infamous “Miley what’s good” line. Let’s not forget the Kanye West and Taylor Swift fiasco, “I’mma let you finish but…” I even remember the tension between Justin Bieber’s fandom and One Direction fandom. 

It felt like simpler times. Okay my grandma rant is over but you get the drift. There were things we had to look forward to. The fact that SZA did not go pains me.

There’s nothing exciting about it anymore. Even the performances seem lackluster. But how can an award show be any good if the brand has lost the key factor that once made it special?