It’s hard to try and understand what somebody is going through, but it’s worse to turn a blind eye to them. Mental health is a known topic in today’s society that I believe has been overlooked lately.

When someone is going through something in their lives that is mentally affecting them and others, people don’t stop to think if they are okay anymore. And before anyone says, “What if they’re affecting me mentally?,” “Why should I give them my time?,” I understand that self-care is essential and putting yourself before others is considered a priority but have you ever stopped and thought, what could be the reason that they are not okay?

Now I’m not saying that actions don’t have consequences. It is absolutely justifiable that if someone were to hurt you, no matter how much of a low point they are in their life, it is understandable to distance and not be a part of that person’s life.

People who use mental health as an excuse to hurt others are unacceptable. I advocate for mental health but if there are people who use the term in a harmful way then the term is badly represented.

I believe one of the most important parts of being a human being is the mentality and social aspect of it. When someone is at such a low point where they’re pushing people away, it’s a big problem.

Someone may be going through loss, stress, anxiety, depression or so much hurt that it’s not a low point anymore, it’s rock bottom.

I know that sounds over-exaggerated but I’m serious. I have seen people that I care about in my life hit rock bottom and it’s painful to see them go through that because others who say they are “woke” and aware of the people around them think that that person is being overly dramatic.

I have hit rock bottom multiple times in my life and I am experiencing one right now. I have lost friends in my life that I have opened up to and it’s that feeling where you feel like you made such an amazing connection with a group or community but it turns out to be a small phase or moment in life. 

Once they leave it hurts so much. You wonder what you did wrong, what you could’ve done to prevent anything from happening but once that friendship is gone, it’s gone for good. 

Those multiple rock bottoms have affected my classes as a student. I genuinely love attending my classes and being able to participate and focus, especially in the classes that are associated with my major.

I’m not going to lie about this, I have skipped class before because I’ve woken up so many times looking in the mirror and thinking, “Why should you attend class when all you’re going to do is disappoint so many people in your life in the end?” I know it seems odd but sometimes it’s those thoughts that sound ridiculous but can’t stop and once they keep going you start to believe them.

I do regret skipping those classes and I try to stay on top of everything that goes on with my courses. So far, I have all A’s and B’s, hopefully, I’ll be able to manage to keep up with my grades so there won’t be any problems. 

Rock bottom feels like you’re stranded in an unknown place looking for guidance or any type of help but feels like there’s none. It also feels like being a freshman in high school where you’re a ball of sweat and anxiety.

All you want to do is cry and not be a part of anyone’s life because you feel like it’ll be the same thing as last time, a phase.

Thankfully, I have amazing and supportive people in my life that keep me going and things are looking up, if I stay with the right group of people along with focusing on my classes.

This isn’t a sob story or “woe is me” type of ordeal. I want more improvement for people with mental health and I think if we all as a whole stopped overlooking what people are going through, we’d be more progressive as a society.