The University of Louisiana at Lafayette held the Cajuns Got Talent show on Wednesday, Oct. 18 for Homecoming Week and if you’re wondering if Cajuns have talent, here’s your answer: yes!

The talent show was organized by the University Program Center (UPC), which is an organization run by students for students.

The UPC are the ones in charge of organizing events such as the ones held during Homecoming Week, like Yell Like Hell, the Fashion Show and Cajuns Got Talent. 

The UPC is an important part of giving every student at UL Lafayette the best student experience that a student can get.By attending at least one of these events, you’re bound to meet some new people, see cool things and experience something new.

Na’Kwi Payton, a senior majoring in criminal justice, is a part of the UPC and is the Student Activities Board Chair. She says that the talent show was a great way to see everyone come together. 

“I loved seeing the talent show. All the organizations came together even if they didn’t win, they still cheered everyone on,” Payton said. “It’s not really about competition. It’s about always coming together.”

By attending the Cajuns Got Talent Show, there were so many talented groups of people and individuals that put on a great show for the student body. Between dances, singing and funny moments from students, it’s a great way to see the talent that surrounds UL Lafayette. 

The talent show was a great way to get UL Lafayette students excited during Homecoming Week and bring students together. 

Between sororities, fraternities, student organizations and individual talent, this show brought every Ragin’ Cajun together to celebrate UL Lafayette’s 125 years. 

Many groups used UL Lafayette’s birthday in their performance. Each group was unique in talent and incorporated signs that read “Cheers to 125 Years,” in order to get everyone excited to honor UL Lafayette’s birthday during Homecoming Week. 

Avery Tourney, a freshman majoring in business marketing, is part of the Kappa Delta Sorority, said that her first talent show was an amazing experience not just for her but everyone who went and participated. 

“This is my first talent show and it was really fun. I got closer with a lot of the girls in my sorority,” said Tourney. “I think the talent show was a great way to get everyone together. Everyone dancing, having fun, and supporting each other even if you won or didn’t win, was amazing.”

There were many groups that put on a show for everyone who attended and though it was a competition, everyone was supportive of each other and the contestants. 

Photo by Andre Broussard/L’Acadien

The winners for each group that participated were ranked first to third place and though it was a tough decision, the judges came to a conclusion. Out of the sororities in, first place went to Tri Delta, second place went to Kappa Delta and third place went to Phi Mu.

The fraternities put on quite the show and three of them were ranked the same as the sororities. First place, Sigma Chi, second place, Lambda Chi Alpha and third place, Phi Kappa Psi. 

Out of non-Greek organizations, the talent showed through each of these groups and individuals and the winners in first place were UL Lafayette NAACP, second place, UL LIFE Program and third, International Student Council.

For individual placement, first place went to Angus Tinubu who sang “Super Trouper” by ABBA and second place winner was Joshua Mason who was rapping. 

Kyle Duplantis, an academic advisor and course instructor at UL Lafayette, was one of the judges for the talent show and he said that the talent show was a great event for everyone to see.

“I think that everyone that showed up did a great job and I was super excited to be a part of it,” Duplantis said. “It’s a great event for everyone, especially the organizations and the couple of individuals that participated. I think it’s an awesome way to get people fired up for Homecoming Week.”

Each participant in the talent show gave it their all as they went head-to-head but not for the competition, but to bring the celebration of UL Lafayette’s birthday and Homecoming Week.

The talent show was a way to show that UL Lafayette students have school spirit during Homecoming Week and it allowed students to be involved and create memorable moments through Cajuns Got Talent.