A major issue many University of Louisiana at Lafayette students have with the on-campus bookstore is the pricing of apparel offered. 

Many students wish to support the school and buy UL Lafayette apparel, but they are discouraged when they see the high prices.

Sarah Loga, a junior computer science major, shared her aggravation with the high prices and the fact that credit can’t apply for apparel items.

“The main issue that I have with the bookstore is obviously the pricing of everything because it is way too expensive for a college student, especially when we already pay tuition, but also I find it really annoying that you can’t use credit you get from scholarships and meal plans and things there because it seems like there is no reason for it,” Loga said.

Photo by Alyus Dick

Rebecca Henry, a senior majoring in psychology, explained that she wishes she could buy apparel from the bookstore, but it is just too expensive.

“The biggest issue I’ve had with the bookstore is the unrealistically high clothing prices.“

“I want to be able to support the school by getting spirit wear and things at the bookstore, but I don’t have the money to pay the insane prices. I would rather order online and get a better deal,” Henry said. 

Caroline Dubois, a sophomore human development and family science major, wished she could use declining balance at the bookstore. 

“You can’t use declining balance at the bookstore for food or anything which upsets me. I never have bought anything at the bookstore because it is like $80 for a sweatshirt,” Dubois said.

The UL Lafayette Student Government Association (SGA) has heard from students on this pricing issue. They have said they wished to buy apparel, but could not afford it because of the high price tag on those items.

SGA President Colby Hebert explained that the SGA walked through the UL Lafayette bookstore and looked at a polo shirt. 

The cheapest one they could find was $60 and it quickly escalated to the most expensive being $118.

The SGA began working with Duane Bailey, Director of Campus Auxiliary Services for UL Lafayette, who has been emailing Barnes and Noble and others that are over apparel. 

Bailey found that the same polo at UL Lafayette that was being sold for $90 was being sold at Texas A&M University for $25. 

SGA Vice President Karessa De La Paz explained that Bailey said they are definitely working on getting value packs around $25 which could have items like a hat and t-shirt together. He also mentioned styles getting phased out and the addition of a clearance rack to create more affordable options for UL Lafayette students.

The SGA is expecting an update around the middle of November on when those cheaper items or value packs will arrive which they are hoping is before this semester ends. 

The university is also hoping for new apparel in the spring. The SGA asked for the ability to review the price points of the new apparel items to ensure there are affordable options available for UL Lafayette students to purchase.