Now I love Christmas as much as the next person, but why so early? When I am saying early I don’t mean that November is too early. It is early but it is not that bad. However, when you start setting up Christmas decorations in October or even before that, that’s when we have a problem.

Everybody remembers that there are other holidays that exist besides Christmas right? Like do people remember that Thanksgiving exists and that it is in the month before Christmas and that Halloween is also before that as well. If so then why are so many stores selling Christmas stuff?

It upsets me so much to go to a store to buy Halloween stuff and there is Christmas stuff everywhere. I mean, come on! Halloween is my favorite holiday, not because of the candy and not just because I am a horror author and artist, but because it gives me an excuse to dress up as characters I like without feeling judged.

Although going to a con would be a good alternative to that, I am a college student living in a dorm so I am too broke for that.

Carrying on though, I can’t just ignore the biggest culprit of this crime: Hobby Lobby. Christmas stuff everywhere! Why? What is the purpose? Who is out here celebrating Christmas in the beginning of October? Please tell me, I honestly want to know cause I have so many questions on why they are celebrating two months before the actual holiday.

According to my knowledge, Hobby Lobby is the main culprit of this during October. I do not have too many other stores who have a bunch of Christmas stuff out during this time. November however! Look, feel free to start decorating in November, but at least wait till mid-November. 

I can’t stand walking into a store the day after Halloween to be greeted by Christmas decorations everywhere. Like come on let me just hold on to the Halloween spirit just a little while longer. We do it with Christmas, but why not Halloween? It would be nice to get some Halloween stuff on discount in order to set up my next costume for next year’s Halloween. Personally, I am more worried about how I shall decorate and prepare myself for Halloween than I am for Christmas. 

This may just be the brokenness in me speaking cause Christmas is definitely a more expensive holiday in general. That is why if anybody wants a gift for Christmas the best I can do is hand you a quarter and tell you to go buy yourself a gumball. When it comes to Halloween though, just hand me some paper and some colors and I’ll have 50 decorations done before the end of the day.

Now you might be asking, Landon, are you sure that you don’t just feel this way since your favorite holiday is Halloween? While, yes, it is my favorite holiday, I do have the same opinion about it as well to a certain degree. I actually am perfectly fine with stores selling Halloween stuff in August. 

This raises another question. Doesn’t that make you a hypocrite? To that I say nuh-uh. I am only on Christmas’ case about this because there are literally two major holidays between it and October. So tell me what are some major holidays that people decorate for between August and Halloween, none. Now to not be a hypocrite though, I do avoid listening to Halloween music before it is even September just like I do with Christmas music.

Although Thanksgiving is a holiday that falls in November, I am fine with Christmas stuff then because if I am going to be honest, Thanksgiving isn’t really known for its decorations, color scheme or music. It is more so known for its food and its not so pleasant backstory.

To end this off though I just want to say that even though I give the pass for Thanksgiving, I still feel that we should not overshadow any of these holidays with another. 

They all are holidays so it would only be right if we each gave them their equal respect instead of completely disregarding one of them by putting up decorations for a holiday that isn’t for another two months. 

Yes, I am still throwing shade at Hobby Lobby, but I still go there anyway. Not because I am a hypocrite, but because I get my art supplies from there so I have an excuse. Plus their Christmas decorations are nice, just wish they were not being constantly sold almost every month.

Anyway now that it is mid-November it is time for me to go off and listen to Christmas music. Thank you all for reading.