There has been talk among students about marijuana being smoked in the residential halls at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. The residential life staff have been hearing about this in the residence halls, and they have been notified of the problem.

According to Dawn Miller, Interim Director of Housing, “We have been informed on a limited basis that students thought they smelled marijuana in the buildings.”

Miller describes smoking marijuana as an increasingly normal activity. They have noticed that the current generation of students has been using the drug more than in the past. The residential life staff are trying to handle the growing problem.

The residential halls and
apartments on campus are similar to
a neighborhood. The goal is to keep them safe by working together with the staff and residents to make sure their neighborhood is as open and safe as possible.

It is the responsibility of the residential life staff, along with the residents, to be aware of problems. It is necessary for residents to step up when someone fails to follow policies and notify the correct person to keep the community safe.

According to Miller, “We are working very diligently to try to combat the problem and try to educate the students of the policies and procedures of the buildings.”

The consumption of alcohol or the use of drugs inside the residence hall is strictly off-limits.

The UL Lafayette drug and alcohol policy states, “The University of Louisiana at Lafayette recognizes its responsibility for developing, promulgating, and implementing policy regarding alcohol and drug use among students.”

If a student breaks this policy, the Office of Student Rights and Responsibility and the UL Police Department will handle the case.

The Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities website states, “It is the goal of the Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities (SRR) to foster safety, security, wellness, community, and well-being while maintaining a scholarly community.”

There are many security measures in the residential halls, including front desk workers, night guards and university police that patrol the area and walk the halls periodically throughout the day and night.

The first step for students that suspect marijuana is being smoked
in the building is to get in touch
with the residential life staff. The UL Lafayette Police Department has an anonymous hotline for students that are uncomfortable coming forward with information.

University Drug and Alcohol Policy states, “Its success depends upon the belief that each person has a role in responding to this issue.”

Each situation is handled on a case- by-case basis, and the university tries
to work with students on the issue of smoking marijuana. They can make sure students are getting counseling if they need it, and other avenues are available to them before they are kicked off- campus.

The residential life staff are working on addressing the problem in several different ways.

“Our goal is to educate and to try to make sure that we do our very best to give our students the information they need to make right decisions, good decisions,” Miller said.

Staff are working with the Office of Student Rights and Responsibility on the situation and they are focusing on an education-based approach to the problem.

The UL Lafayette on-campus living handbook states, “Students are responsible for complying with all policies and regulations as set forth by the University, the University of Louisiana-Lafayette Code of Student Conduct and the On-campus Living Handbook.”

They are emailing students about
the policy and procedures, having conversations with them and educating them about alcohol and drug usage.