Gordon McKernan Injury Attorneys continue dipping into the NIL space with student athletes. With McKernan making a splash with LSU athletes over the course of the last few months, he’s now broadened his list and signed two Louisiana football players.

Inking a deal with senior outside linebacker Andre Jones and sophomore wide receiver Dontae Fleming, McKernan looks to replicate the success he has had with his LSU athletes here in Cajun country.

When asked about the NIL deals, McKernan said, “I’m thrilled to partner with these talented Lafayette student-athletes. With our presence throughout most of Louisiana, it’s been my intention to find partners across many Louisiana universities. I’m thrilled to start that process at UL with Andre and Dontae.”

The opportunity to sign a deal with Fleming was a key piece to this for McKernan. A highly-touted recruit coming out of high school, earning offers from the likes of Memphis, ULM and Arkansas State, Fleming is just coming onto the scene for the Cajuns.

In a wide receiver room with so much talent, Fleming proved that he has the chance to separate himself from the rest and become a dominant receiver in the Sun Belt Conference. With sophomore wide receiver Kyren Lacy entering the transfer portal and taking his talent to LSU, it gives Fleming that much greater of a chance to earn more reps.

Speaking of Lacy, once committing to the Tigers in Baton Rouge, he too earned an NIL deal with Gordan McKernan Injury Attorneys. It’s clear McKernan and his group are serious about getting more involved in the name, image and likeness space and this is just the beginning for his team.

This NIL deal gives players the opportunity to gain more exposure whether it is in his commercials he has going on television consistently or going out into the community to receive more notoriety from the fan base.

McKernan is adamant about having his athletes do more around their cities. Having autograph sessions where fans can meet the star athletes and have them benefit off of their name is a huge piece to this puzzle.

Recently, McKernan and his team produced a commercial that features a myriad of his LSU athletes, which could lead one to believe that Fleming and Jones could be next to get their name out to the public more.

For a Group of Five school like Louisiana, any big time NIL deal is a win, and as long as our student-athletes continue dominating in their respective sport, expect the NIL deals to continue flowing.