I have worked at The Vermilion since I was a freshman in 2019, and I thought it was a club. And it kinda is, but you get paid to write and edit, my two favorite things.

But I have also thought about quitting more times than I can count. People are difficult and interviews can suck, and some days, I hated what I turned in and just knew somebody was going to be disappointed.

They were often not, and I am fairly certain that I was stuck in my own head.

Somehow I became the Editor-in- Chief, and I still don’t think I deserve it. I have learned how to be kinder with people’s feelings, and for the most part, learned how to keep my mouth from saying whatever I wanted.

At least according to Cole, the managing editor, my people skills have improved.

I want people to come work here because it’s such an amazing tradition of keeping the university in line since 1904, and ultimately, my university experience would have been ridiculously boring without it.

I have talked to the University President, the Director of Housing and the Provost. But I have also gone on adventures around campus and beyond in search of interviews.

One time I walked a mile and a half for an interview with Americorps, but it was worth it because they showed me their first-hand work with Habitat for Humanity and the house they were working on building.

Another time, I got to meet a baby alligator up close, and much later, I talked to Theta Xi, and how they dealt with a tree falling on their house.

Though sometimes, not everyone gets along. For example, the Director of Housing called my supervisor and asked why I did not like her. If you’re reading this, Ms. Miller, I don’t have anything against you, but thank you for finally making the housing website not suck.

I also learned that athletics is really really picky about how they’re referred to, regardless of the fact that they are a part of UL Lafayette, not Louisiana as a whole.

Here, I also formed personal relationships, and made friends that I still talk to today that have graduated.

To those that will still be here when I leave:

Lena — I love your genuine smile every time you walk into the office and your go- getter attitude. You write some awesome stories as well.

Adhamm — I have never known someone to go after stories as hard as you do at The Vermilion, and your editing skills are excellent. If writing becomes your profession, I want to read every piece.

Isaac — I am so happy you joined The Vermilion because you are so interested in learning and doing every single
piece of it. Your sports writing has just blossomed, and you are excellent on the podcast.

Marie — I love reading about your music interests every week, and your editing skills have improved tremendously. I can’t wait to keep reading what you come up with, even after I graduate, and I think you’ll do great going into news.

Faith — Every week your writing just gets better and better, and I am so happy to have you on our team. I hope you continue on next year, and I am excited to see you start to tackle larger stories.

Meg and Julia — Y’all’s graphics are bangin’, keep up the great work.