With this issue being the final of the semester, this marks the end of my time at The Vermilion with such an exceptional staff. I will be graduating in mass communications with a concentration in journalism this May.

My time at The Vermilion has been a special time for me. Moving up the ranks from a contributing sports writer to playing a pivotal role in the production of the overall paper as sports editor has been a fun ride for me.

Over the course of the last few years, I have seen a tremendous rise in the athletics department of this university. Whether it be Billy Napier coming in and revamping the entire football program or Bobby Marlin holding his basketball program to an incredible standard, I have seen this university take change in their sports.

Having the chance to cover Napier and this football program is a piece of my journey I will forever be grateful for. Bringing the Ragin’ Cajuns to an

AP ranking and winning a Sun Belt Conference title along the way, the 2021 season is something I will never forget both as a student as well as as a writer for The Vermilion.

Napier changed the way this city is looked at. A true trailblazer for Louisiana football, he made my time at The Vermilion that much better from a work perspective.

But being able to cover these sporting events was only half of what made my experience with this paper so great. To work hand in hand with such talented writers made this “job” so worth it.

There’s a number of writers that I had the pleasure of working with, but none as incredible as my former sports section partner in crime: Madelyn Myer.

She set the bar extremely high during her time with The Vermilion, putting me in position to become the sports editor. Her work ethic is second to none, which is ultimately what has given her the blessing to continue her academic career in grad school at USC. (Go Trojans!)

Following in her footsteps pushed me to want to become such a better writer.

Now being in the position that I am in, it’s a result of this entire staff allowing us to grow as journalists.

Another person I feel the need to mention is Andre Broussard. With me writing for both The Vermilion and the L’Acadien Yearbook, working side by side with Andre with the yearbook has helped shape me as a writer as well.

Whether it was just hanging out in the office or grinding it out on our yearly issue, the relationship grown with Andre allowed me to continue sharpening my skill set. He works his tail off, which made me want to do the exact same.

My experience with The Vermilion has been both rewarding and fulfilling. I can’t thank Mr. Matthew Tarver enough for giving me this opportunity. Allowing me to act as the person I am in the office and have us young, aspiring journalists grow as people, Mr. Tarver is the engine that keeps this unit going.

Mr. Tarver has played a pivotal role in my growth as a journalist thanks to his to-the-point demeanor and love for his students. Shoutout to Mr. Tarver.

With this all being said, it’s a bittersweet feeling to have my time in Lafayette come to a close, but the work has just begun. Thank you to Amelia Jennings, Madelyn Myer, Isaac Henry, Lena Foster, among numerous others who have helped make this paper thrive.

This paper has shaped me into the sports writer I have become and set the standard for what I hope to accomplish in this field of journalism.