SATIRE —There have been multiple sightings of ghosts pulling the fire alarms of all dorms at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. 

From the information of on-campus residents, there are specifically two ghosts who “haunt” the living spaces in each living space here at UL Lafayette, especially in the Agnes Edwards dorms.

There have been names that the ghosts have been called by students like Geaux Cajuns, or something UL Lafayette branded like that (no wonder they keep pulling the fire alarms holy moly).

The fire alarms usually go off in the middle of the night, or if the ghosts are really feeling zesty, they pull the alarms in the middle of the day.

The alarms have gone off from Baker Hall all the way to the Heritage apartment, and students are fed up. 

It is reported from an anonymous source that the ghosts have a routine when pulling the alarms throughout the semester.

 First, they find the best living space where students are having daily mental breakdowns over their professors, or when they finally have the chance to rest after studying. Next, the ghosts make sure to check every fire alarm to make sure each one is pulled, and then that’s when the show starts for them.

The ghosts have only been able to pull these stunts on campus and nowhere else, and people have started to come up with ideas as to why it only happens within the living spaces of UL Lafayette.

One of the biggest theories on campus is that since the ghosts are not as frightening as the other ghosts, they pull the alarms out of spite, so yeah they’re butthurt. Some on-campus students, who wish to stay anonymous, have spotted a ghost before it pulled a fire alarm, and the ghost worded out “suffer” while laughing to the rings of the alarms going off,

It has also been known that before they pull the fire alarms each ghost will teleport into a few students rooms before they pull the alarms and tell them, “Who’s scary now?,” then pull the alarms. 

Some students (the people who are wrong) argue that the alarm system is just broken and needs to be fixed, but for others (the smart people) believe that the ghosts of UL Lafayette are simply just petty and out for revenge because they can’t handle criticism. 

The students have been trying everything that they can do to stop the ghosts from pulling any more fire alarms. 

They have called their Resident Assistants, also known as RA’s, to tell them the situation, and at first, they shrugged it off but things got more hectic once one of the RA’s spotted the ghosts. 

From the RA’s perspective, the ghost wasn’t that scary once it got freaked out and ran away crying.

At that point, the RA’s have reported the incidents to the Office of University Housing along with Residential Life, but they decided to just check the systems and call it a day.

Another thing that students have been trying are sage burns while telling the ghosts, “Please let me go to bed and not worry about walking out of my dorm in the middle of the night, I beg of you.” 

Other students created a shrine to dedicate the ghosts by putting some electric candles around a piece of paper saying “Please, I just want to cry in peace.”

On-campus residents are still trying to figure out what to do with the situation, and the ghosts are still on the loose, so if you hear a fire alarm, be “scared.”

Summary: “ The ghosts pull the fire alarms because they want to appear more scary, and students try multiple ways to stop them.