SATIRE — Come one, come all to the best party bus of the century, hosted by the University of Louisiana at Lafayette every night on THE red bus after the normal route stops at 6:00 p.m. All you will need is your student ID, some boogie shoes, and if you would like to be dropped off at your home after the festivities have ended, you must live on campus. UL Lafayette has noticed the lack of nightlife in downtown Lafayette and has brought this great experience to you for free. 

This long-standing tradition of party buses has been brought to you by the same people who put a pool on the roof of Griffin. For one night only, you will have the opportunity to experience UL Lafayette’s own party bus that will include live music, food, karaoke, a dance floor and a video game system. This opportunity is a trial run, but it can become a permanent tradition if all goes well.  

We are proud to introduce to you our very own party buses that were each designed by four different art groups from Fletcher Hall. At the end of the night, the students are recommended to vote for which bus they thought was best decorated. The design that wins will give the group of students who designed it a $20,000 scholarship each.

One of the best things about the party bus is the live music from famous local singers. Our dean of students has been in touch with the best of the best to ensure that karaoke is one of the main events of the night. The dean has also ensured the food provided be sponsored by Cane’s, Buffalo Wild Wings, Taco Bell and Viva La Waffle. Free food and amazing music: Who could ask for more?

But wait, there’s more! The university wanted to guarantee for future students that this party bus would be different from any other party bus they have ever experienced. So, if all safety precautions can be followed, there will be a small section that is inhabited by our very own UL alligators. Our famous Alice the Alligator that makes great escapes during hurricane season may even make her own very special appearance for us. 

Because there are only so many UL Lafayette buses, people will only be allowed to remain on the bus for a maximum of 30 minutes to one hour depending on how the night is going. This is why it is very important to go on Eventbrite as soon as possible and RSVP seating for your organizations, clubs, friends or even just you.  Please do not wait until the last minute to RSVP. 

Speaking of RSVP, everyone who is good at driving should sign up for the Mario Kart tournament being held for a grand prize of $10,000. The only catch is the entry fee of five dollars, but what is five dollars to a total grand prize of $10,000?! Tournament spots are sure to be a big hit. Only 25 spots are available for sign up which ends at 5 p.m. the evening of the party bus festivities. 

There will also be a dance competition after every stop. Cane’s will be giving out gift cards to the winners of each competition. Make sure to get you some practice by playing Dance Dance Revolution or Just Dance. Signature moves will also earn players extra points from the judges. 

Throughout the night, the bus will be making multiple stops. If you decide to get off the bus downtown, you are responsible for going on the UL Lafayette transit app to secure your ride back. The bus makes its last stop at 11:30 p.m. You are responsible for your own transportation after that. 

If you are interested in this experience, it will be held on April 1. Please bring your student ID and prepare for a great experience.